Upcoming Reckless Experimenter Card Change

But its still relevant, so no lock needed.


thats a lie necrobumpers want you to believe

why would you believe for example a thread from july complaining about what wasnt nerfed is relevant ?

there is no reason threads should not autolocked after 1 or 2 months to stop necrobumping

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The comment being addressed is relevant. Stop being dense, it was old 2 years ago.

The complaint is that despite the official claim of blizzard monitoring the card in wild, it has become Nagalock on steroids. It is still relevant today, therefore not necroing.

If you honestly believe Sniplock is fine, then you are not very intelligent. Its not asking too much for blizzard to live up to their words. The very fact this comment was made 6 months ago, and has not been addressed, let alone commented on, only supports the “necro-bumpers” stance.


you know i was talking about all old threads i made it pretty obvious on my first post
only reason we dont have years old threads bumped is because we moved to a new forum

But we are told to use the search function before creating a post, and post in there if it covers your topic before creating a new thread. The bumpers complaint is very relevant in this case, so why shouldnt he bump the thread?


oh that ?

topic already being discussed on front page

and this guy cant pretend he didnt know about it

That topic does not address this comment:

What better place to hope for communication than in the very thread said comment was made?


why should it addressed i see no reason for it
people were expecting the deck to dominate the meta at all ranks

and it didnt

and this guy doesnt care about it he just wants to argue for the sake of arguing

he even did with you …who werent disagreeing with him!
btw i laughed when saw that

No more than its (nerfed) predecessor, Nagalock, which was a nothing in comparison. This deck can produce more stats, just as quickly, and has 2 back-up plans if it fails. Yes, its busted. There is a reason its the most represented deck in the top 100.

Arguing for the sake of arguing? Maybe if there wasnt a valid point behind the arguments your point would hold more water, but there is a VERY valid point behind his complaint.

But, hey, Hearthstone is pretty much just a auto-battler atm, with an invite only policy for the actual card game at the highest level. So why even bother with standard balance, let alone wild?!?


The deck boasts an inarguable Tier 0 spot in the Wild meta, where its worst tiered matchup is literally itself. It generates boards identical to Nagalock (except it can do it twice and still has Mecha’Thun) abusing the same mechanics as Reckless Experimenter. Both Experimenter and Naga were fixed for very obvious and very understandable reasons, so there’s no reason this deck shouldn’t be either.

I can sympathize with the necrobumper too. Blue posts are so rare on these forums that its easy to believe they don’t care enough to check on new topics/posts, so it stands to reason that the next best thing is to reply in a place where Blue personnel are known to have spoken about a particular topic.


Reddit, also known as the official forums.


Touche. You win this time, Mand.



How do I report this? I know you’re a fanboy and you defend Daddy Blizz’ every mistake but please be civil, it’s important to keep a positive outlook on the forums. Repent for your mistakes and learn how to be part of a society.

EDIT: I figured out how to report… and quote properly! I was quoting reddit style > all this time.

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I almost wanted to agree with you, as I agree Blizzard should’ve kept a better eye and didn’t lie to us.

But your pathetic, childish and irrelevant argument negates it. You’re making something out of nothing. Stop. Boreas didn’t do anything inherently wrong in with you quotes and you’re pulling words out of your rear by saying he’s a “fanboy.” How disappointing on your part, instead you stooped to such a low and laughable level. Get real.

Also, stop reviving 6 month old threads. It’s annoying. Make a new one instead.


So wait why is this thread being necro’d again? All I see is rage being spat about

Blizzard didn’t keep a close eye on Snip-Snap with Mechwarper.

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It’s a necro-bump but slightly more justified than the usual case. This was an official post made by devs who claimed that they’d watch over Sn1plock and how it developed in the meta, and it’s become clear that it’s worse than Sn1p’s interaction with Reckless Experimenter (which was preemptively nerfed) and can repeatedly generate more powerful boards than Nagalock (which was also nerfed).

Devs almost definitely don’t check normal posts, so Bumper posted here in an attempt to maybe catch their attention and maybe get an explanation. They’re just doing it in a sarcastic way that probably killed any chance of them getting taken seriously.


I mean, common logic would dictate that Mechwarper MUST be a target for nerfs, since they preemptively nerfed Reckless Experimenter because of the interaction with Snip-Snap. The fact that it’s even more broken than Star Aligner/Togwaggle Druid and Giantslock is pretty damning. So to is the fact is that the only way to counter the deck is to play it. But hey, Blizzard time is a thing.

I doubt it’s sarcastic - the deck is that much of a nightmare to play against.

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Yes, you are completely right.

^ Assuming the devs would care about our opinion if we were polite.

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