Unusual Decks in Wild


There, in the darkest crevaces of the Wild format, unimaginable abominations stalk the weak. Patiently they wait in the shadows.
Waiting for unsuspecting newcomers.
Just to turn those pure, unsullen souls into salty meals.

Unnecessary introduction aside:
Occasionally, when I play a few matches in Wild, Casual, I face Warrior decks that literally only run removal, armor generation and DMH.

Now. I don’t want to presume anything (though I guess I already did), but what reasons could entice someone to engage in the most drawn out, nonsensical matches possible?

Does anyone else have similar, if rare, experiences?

It really is hilarious to beat such decks with murloc swarms, Galvadon and Quest Druid, in hindsight.
Still mindboggling, though.


Had one the other day. A Priest put down a Northshire Cleric. That’s right, it wasn’t a Big Priest.

Okay, okay, fine, I’ll stop whining.

I’ve run into a few fun decks though, some part of old metas, some off-shoots of meta decks, and some I just couldn’t figure out.

I was playing Secret 9 Mage against some sort of Secret Paladin the other day. For the most part, everything seemed normal, with Mysterious Challenger showing up at 6. Then he goes ahead and drops a Secret Eater, completely disarming me, and I have to do a double take because honestly that’s not the card I’d expect in an aggressive Secrets deck.

Also ran into one of my old, old favorites I hadn’t seen in ages. Shaman player, no idea what he was (yet), but he’s some sort of control/stall. I’m thinking he’s Shudderwock OTK until he plays Muckmorpher, gets Sylvanas, and hits Reincarnate on her to steal my crap. Later on, he ends the game with N’Zoth. Like, how is that deck even built? Do you accept Morpher possibly hitting Zothy and just stuff it with a bunch of good Deathrattles? Do you axe Shudderwock and don’t go for double Zoth? I mean, they won, so something’s going right, but still - came completely out of nowhere. The old version of the deck just had Sylv, Reincarnate and a few good DR’s like Cairne, so I didn’t expect this modern take on it.


Is it really that mindboggling that not everyone is a Spike?


For some folks, I think it honestly is.


It might not have been a meta Big Priest, but in casual and Rank 15 there’s a bunch of off meta resurrect, and some of them even run Northshire.

I was BP hunting with mill Rogue and ran into one that played Benedictus. Joke was still on him, I killed his face with Coldlight, Recruiter and Applebaum.


Beautifully said ya Drunk.

You ever seen a defeated man? Someone who has had enough? Got a certain look in his eye, he does. When a man can see his all time best HS buddy an how they’re ecstatic about some matches they had recently. Yet, you cant even focus because you’re just so DONE.

You ever see an entire format fall to it’s knees? Watch an learn - Theman

When you open that collection tab an shuffle through page after page of garbage… You decide it’s over for some poor soul. That’s right my friend Soul Sucking Do Nothing Warrior. A deck where it’s a game of wills. You’re not a bitter an angry Hearthstone player yet?

You will be.


Faced a hunter with 4 11/11 au turn 6. Nice wild game.
Then i tried another, it was a priest : 4 ragnaros on board at turn 7. Another nice game.


quests maybe?


I’ve been durdling my way through the intro ranks of the Wild Ladder with a murloc Druid list and having a great time. Lots of weird decks down there; no one ever seems to know what anyone else is playing or how to mulligan for it.

My favorite game was against a Mage at around rank 19. I see his animations as an Odd Malchezaar Mage and he sees this Druid start vomiting up murlocs and the two of us spent most the match spamming friendly emotes at each other.

Low-rank Wild is a blast


Also saw them on ladder.
Though around rank 15.
Not sure.
After destroying 30 tokens, you should be done with the quest. Right?


I am that guy, I play a ton of DMH variations like the regular versions, big DMH warrior, bomb DMH, even DMH, etc. I think the card is cool (DMH is my fav), it has a somewhat of a fighting chance against big priest, I can play it while doing homework too.


Considering how many aggro rogues I see in Wild. Yes.

Playing “I will survive the apocalypse”-Warrior seems like the greatest way of wasting both players’ time.

To clarify. This was not supposed to be a salt post.
But rather a way to share a curious experience I had.
Also. That Warrior did not have a single minion.
That is a bit too… reactive, for my tastes.


yes but sometimes, once you’re started, you like to keep doing it for fun xD
and rank 15 or casual, it’s kind of the same thing


I have the Rogue equivalent deck - lots of removal, shuffling copies of Doomsayers, not enough damage in the deck to even deal lethal etc. - and I mostly play it when I’m in a crappy mood. I dont care about the <20% win rate, I just want to make my opponents miserable.


You think those decks are weird? Tell me that when you’ve faced something like Even Mech Reno Murloc Dragon C’thun Mage.


Yea man, OP, weird decks take something like say a meta otk, and intentionally find a harder way to do it, using more and harder cards, JUST to be not-spike.

Like that’s just one example.
DMH warrior, while not meta, used to be. So it’s an old meta deck, not something creative now.

I mean the best creative decks use antisynergy to flex that.
So like play idk…a quest with no triggers, stuff like that I do that all the time.
It’s to get your opponent to think auto T1 early they know your decklist, and then bam, u hit them with like wisps and The Beast just to flexie non-meta non-hsreplay.

You want to illustrate you are not hsreplaying HS, like 99 percent do.
If it takes anti synergy, or like 5 color decks with no benefit cards for that like above says, that’s whats up.

Like go DSIF priest, but don’t run DS or IF. Play…how bout arcane golem. Like ok…you think I copied up DSIF priest and think u know my decklist auto in the mirror? Nope, I don’t run the wincon cards, and play something so far from meta its unbelievable.

Take big preist.
Delete shadow visions first of all.
Then take out those 5 minions.
Replace them with like…Razorfen Hunters and be like yo see I don’t copy up. Im not one of the bil hsreplay spikes no-think.