Unplayable on Android

So after years of not playing for various reasons, I found the e-mail offering 150 free packs and decided to finally update the game and try again.

Unfortunately, the game has so far only allowed me to do two things: I was able to open all my packs, and I was able to view the new achievement journal and earn some of those rewards.

If I try to go into My Collection, it shuts off immediately.

If I try to go into the Shop, it shuts off immediately.

If I try to browse the Solo Adventures menu, it shuts off immediately.

And most importantly, if I try to start a match in any mode (I tried Mercenaries and Casual Hearthstone), it shuts off immediately.

I have restarted my phone.
I have restarted the game.
I have cleared the cache.
I have cleared the data.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game.
None of these have fixed the issue.

I’ve been at this for about seven hours total, maybe six if you don’t count successfully opening the packs, though the achievements were done while waiting for a download to finish.


I’m not alone. Well that’s a relief I even did a factory reset and it still won’t work.

For me its just mercenaries, some accounts simply cant enter on mercenaries mode after patch 24.0.

Its gonna be 2 entire months of been locked out of this mode on mobile, and there is a bunch of posts pointing this.

Hey SenatorBinks,

Double check that your phone meets the minimum requirements for Hearthstone on Android.

Hearthstone System Requirements

If there’s a system update available for the phone make sure to do that as well.

When you say it shuts off, does that mean that the Hearthstone app closes with no error message and you get put back on your home screen? Or do you get an error?

Feel free to post the model of your phone too.

Mine closes and puts me back to the main screen but the app is still running there’s no error same problem as binks. I’m on android 11.

Are you guys looking into this problem because I was playing Hearthstone just fine a few weeks ago and I really want to play the game again Im really missing out.

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Do you have a pixel 6? I do and I just started experiencing these problems about the same time you did.

Same here. Pixel 6 pro and the problems started with the December update i think. Just installed the January security update and the problem is still there. Game freezes when opening the collection, no error message. Would be nice to know if the issue is being investigated.

This is happening for me too. I have a Pixel 6 Pro and the game freezes whenever I try to start a Tavern Brawl or Duels run. The only thing I can access is Battlegrounds.

Exact same issue here, also on a Pixel 6 Pro

Seems as if the issue has been resolved with the latest hearthstone patch. Hoping it stays that way.

The issue has also been resolved for me. Not sure why it wasn’t included in the patch notes.

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