United in Stormwind, track: why Yrel hero and not Roame?

It quite bugging me, since Yrel isn’t even a part of a book of mercenaries, and Roame was previewed on the expansion splash art, and she is also part of the Kurtrus story, shes sister of Tamsin and her father is going to be a neutral card as well. I was almost certain she would be a part of the track since there are 0 black hero portraits. I guess Blizzard went for “fanservice” but for me, Draenei is a boring choice and they look all the same. Clearly a bad choice for Stormwind representative. Since you get 2 horde heroes, Tamsin + Guff and then Gnome rogue, and the expansion is about Stormwind…

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If u mean cariel she’s probably in the next tavern pass since they are going through all the mercenaries

In barrens we already have gotten


And in stormwind we are getting


So that leaves for the last expansion


So they may end up making 3 of them the ones that upgrade and the last one the tier 50 reward.

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I mean yes I find Yrel a bad choice too.
Yrel has so much to do with Stormwind, as the Aldrachi with Azeroth.
For stormwind there are so many good people that could have got card back.
Llane, Lother, Varian, Marcus Jonathan, Bolvar, Shaw, Medivh, Khadgar.

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Never heard of those npcs. They are from new wow expansions?

Yrel = One of the main Protagonist from Warlords of Draenor and also did nothing wrong

Roame = One of the new mercs from the book of mercenaries and also a on going card hero

As for why she didn’t get a hero portrait she probably will later, all of the mercs got three thus far so there is no reason they make her the bonus hero or whatever

It is weird why Yrel got it in a Stormwind themed expac but I guess she is popular, I would of preferred Varian Wrynn myself ( Anduin’s dad and previous King of Stormwind) but eh, like you said Draenei are hot so it’s cool.

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if by nothing wrong, you mean she literally zealously tried to genocide the maghar for not converting to the light…

this is like the “garrosh did nothing wrong” level trolling, but worse.

she tried to wipe out the entire race. :man_facepalming:

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Tamsin, her sister, is literally Black. Not that the race of a character in a hero portrait should matter at all, but you are just wrong.

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I mean it matters a little, but yeah they’re going to get Cariel (who’s also black) before long.

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Ah but she looks purple now (but clearly black face structure) so since she’s not black skinned then she doesn’t count according to the OP…

I think you’re confusing the portraits. Yrel the draenai is purple, not Cariel.

I said Tamsin is a purple skinned zombie of a black woman but a black sentient zombie doesn’t ‘count as a black person’ according to OP


I’m kinda hoping that of the last four, three get put on the paid track with the fourth being a freebie. I’ll probably get all four since Cariel and Bru’kan are two of the heroes I want the most.

Yrelter did nothing wrong.

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I think Yrel is amazing paladin portrait.

Black zombie is not equivalent to a generic black person to me.

Her first portrait is that of a still living person studying Necromancy at Scholomance so you are wrong again.

Nope, you are wrong, on a wiki, it says “Tamsin shortly after being resurrected”.

She’s a black zombie even though her skin is not yet rotten. Cariel looks more natural and is bigger, that is why I want her as a portrait, not only because of her ethnicity. Also, I’m right, Tamsin is a bad representative for Stormwind-themed expansion if it was the case why she isn’t shown even on the splash art only Cariel? They cheated us by showing Cariel and not giving her in the game.

They added Tamsin only because they know warlock will be busted so they can milk people for buying cards just to later get nerfed. The same was with the priest portrait in the last expansion.