Unbelievable things!

Only HS devs can do this , they had a very good game after so many years ,at least 4 years and after nerfs the game is trash again.
Right now almost all decks are around 50% winrate ,at theory this seems good for a card game but in reality is prove that theres is no good decks ,all bad to mediocre decks leads to no decisions but only high roll,this Hunter deck everyone plays is example of a bad deck and whats the state of HS .They had something good and they f it again.
We need experienced card game designers to copy HS board and make a similar card game or at least Blizzard make a ptr server for people to test new cards because designers of HS jdont test anything ,they just make cards randomly and the examples are so many.

Actually it just says that most players are bad

Yeap and this ,good players have vanished from HS ,they came back with expansion but after nerfs they abandoned the game again.HS need a aggro deck right now,similar to pre nerf dh ,theres not such a thing after nerfs

This thread is well named. I don’t see how I could believe the things in it.

The average global winrate was, is, and always will be exactly 50%. So the only way for one deck to get above 50% is for another deck to go below 50%. This means that tautologically the existence of good decks is only made possible by the existence of bad decks, and vice versa. When you say good decks don’t exist but bad decks do, you’re low-key contradicting yourself.

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I liked the game but now somebody else does, therefore it is trash

A fair bit of what you’re saying is exaggerated. Of course they test things, and design by choice. It might not be your cup of tea but if that’s how they envisioned it, it probably is done purposefully. I am currently very much enjoying the state of the game. Perhaps it will change again in the future, but reminiscing the past and insulting others in the process is not the way to be constructive about it.

Maybe a break or a rekindle a love for a playmode you’ve maybe ignored for too long could help out?

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