Tyrande, oh where oh where: Cont'd


Then what about them saying they will offer old cardbacks?


Two? What did they say about Khagdar?


Is it though?

They have to realize at this point that people are who didn’t get access to the promotions based on region locks still need access to those promotions. More importantly, more than just Tyrande was covered by the year of the mammoth promise. I would also point out that that while the timetable in the follow up specifically addressed Tyrande, their first answer actually addressed cardbacks as well.

I don’t want to go beyond what they said, but someone should probably ask about khadgar being left out and ask if that was an omission (meaning he is included in their plans and will be coming soon), or if there is a real reason (not the usual team 5 “reasons we can’t talk about the reasons we’re not talking”) he is getting delayed.


it is literally a gif, get over it.


You’re not helpful to the discussion, but you can have that opinion. But saying to just get over it is not helpful at all.


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here is the tyrande gif you wanted. took me 3 second to google it. Have you consider not being lazy? “h t t p s://gfycat.com/smartdigitalhectorsdolphin”


8/8 b8 m8 it’s really gr8, thanks for sharing.


Petition for what? A gif? Isn’t there something better for Blizz to do? Like balancing the power of cards? Why don’t you care about that?


because Tyrande is digital gold? LOL… what kind of drug are you on to relate Tyrande to bitcoin?


I really wouldn’t reply to him anymore, he’s a troll account, look at his profile.


i see, as soon as i use logic to argue a point, i need to get out. You and your people are the reason why this forum and this game is so toxic. What you wanted is a gif in a video game.


Lol, people who are losing argument often call their argument a waste of time. You exhibit every characteristic of a 12 year old who still can’t go near pointy objects. I am telling you now, it is a GIF, you can google it or just use my lazy link. It is extremely laughable that you go this far to have a GIF in a children’s card game. Explains why you are 12.


Ignore them, they’re a kid. Just trying to get a rise out of you for their own personal enjoyment. Best for them to just get ignored, not worth your time nor anyone else’s.


you are right, but it annoys me that OP is diverging dev’s attention to a GIF than balancing the game.


So, are the mods going to do anything about the trolls in this thread? We have a standing promise about troll and attack posts here for this thread, and nothing is being done about it, as evident by the continued and repeated baiting going on.


Just ignore it lol. In all seriousness, if you don’t respond to the troll, it can’t really do anything to you, so yeah, just ignore it.


True, but jesse before he left specifically said this thread was supposed to be free of this kind of nonsense. It’s interesting that they aren’t keeping their word about that (not that they were doing much about them in the old thread or the downvote manipulation before the threads rolled over either).

It’s actiblizz, at this point I guess I should be used to them not following through on their promises any more. Especially when people are breaking the rules and trolling in their favor.


Here’s hoping they do the right thing this time.

Twitch Prime/Amazon still isn’t supported near my place, so I’m hoping they’ll make it work ‘everywhere’, like their pre-order bundles. Although, I’m partly convinced it’ll be barred behind a ‘bundle’ itself, hopefully not a 100$ one.
I guess I won’t mind, as long as they keep the promise.


I want Khadgarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr