Twitch Drop not working

Watched 4 Hours on Twitch, claimed both Packs on Twitch in my inventory there, but didnt receive any Pack yet ingame.

As per usual, things are not working


EU or US?
Perhaps Twitch now does not know which region to issue drops to. This is the 1st promotion after changing the account linking system.
I have the same problem.

I have the same problem. Twitch and battlenet seem connected tho.

Edit: im from EU server

Your Account + BNet ID + Region is not listed in the TwitchConnections anymore, therefore the Drops cant be assigned anymore - thats what i believe to be the root of the issue here due to their change of the system.

Imagine trying to do Drops for Twitch and failing, because you didnt enable Drops.
Then to do a 2nd try and compensate people with a 2nd claimable Drop Pack just to have it fail again - good job Blizzard!

At this point just assign 5 Packs to everybody as compensation


Found out something strange about my drops
First drop of 3 packs was already claimed when I reached out to the loot section, only the second drop required me to link my accounts
But yeah, received none of them in the end

My issue is that it keeps asking me to connect when my account IS connected. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting and still getting the purple connect button.

Same problem. Drops not working

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Same here. Claimed my drops in Twitch but couldn’t get my packs in-game. I play on both NA and Asian region, with Asian being my main account. Can’t get my drops in either of the accounts. Sad.


Эта проблема не только у вас! Я вчера тоже в Твиче получила 2 дропа, но в игре их нет! Некоторые игроки писали, что им приходят, но я не уверена! Возможно уже и на Твиче “Близзы” умудрились сломать дропы!

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Yep, same for me. Watched 4 hours yesterday, claimed both drops, still no packs in game.
Got here to open a thread but as I see a lot of people have this issue. Usually I got all drops packs quite fast and without problems.
Playing on EU.

Same problem here… on Mobile and PC… there arent any packs in my game

i can confirm no packs.
1st drop i was not connected ( blizzard disconnected alot of people if not all ) i connected for the 2nd drop ( and received confirmation mail ) , but didn’t work anyway.

Usually Twitch drop where immediate , but yeah they have 48h time to give packs so just be patient for now.
Usually packs are assigned to the first region where a user login , but yeah not knowing when they are aviable can make player get them in the wrong region.

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After 24 hours of waiting, I received a pack for 2 hours.

Me too now, but wrong region …

received 1 of each pack, but not 3 Murder at Castle Nathria

there was only 1 new expansion and 1 Castle Nathria.

If you see 3 as counter , it’s just becouse twitch add the value of same pack to old drops.

Btw i got both my packs.

Oh ok I thought they postponed the drops that didn’t work during the announcement stream to these twitch drops.
Everything is fine for me then.

Same here, Twitch gave notifications that drops were received, but nothing in-game

Still haven’t received mine as well, claimed both on Twitch, and have my account connected…

Stil waiting for mine…