Turn 6 infinite dmg Warlock

Yes, you did start it when you necroed a thread and then went on to INSULT other posters.

Now, if you want to take a chill pill and actually discuss it;
yes, SnipLock is the most problematic deck in wild atm, its Nagalock on steroids, and should have been dealt with months ago.

What you should have done is been more pleasant from the start and started a new thread, not be condescending/insulting towards others.

I didn’t know that responding on old posts was against the CoC. If not I’m pretty sure you just wanted me to stop posting on threads and I simply won’t because I am part of this community also. But yes of course I want to discuss this that’s why I posted on this thread. There are a lot of things about this deck that seem fine but it’s mainly mechwarper’s effect on sn1p sn4p that seems to be an issue I understand a lot of people figure it should be “no lower than 1”. But I was hoping that someone may have had a new idea.

A possibility is raising the cost of Sn1p Sn4p, but I haven’t used the card enough to know how disastrous it could be to the deck. I hate getting OTK’d but I don’t want a deck to be completely ruined it’s about being fair. Perhaps someone here has played the deck enough to voice the setbacks of raising the cost of Sn1p Sn4p?

Another idea is capping the amount of Sn1p Sn4p’a you can play in a turn but obviously I wouldn’t want the entire deck to be ruined because of what seems to be a simple change. I’m hoping to hear from a Sn1p Sn4p warlock player that believes the deck should be changed. When quest rogue was first in play I also thought it should be nerfed, but a lot of people don’t know how much the deck is ruined now by leaving these decisions to blizzard. Blizzard needs our input truly. They constantly make cards that need changes, when in all honesty there are some real smart people in these threads that come up with great solutions.

Its not, but insulting other posters absolutely is, and I have been pinged (too often) in the past for far less than you have said within this thread. That aside, lets get back to the point of discussion:

No, there isnt anything “fine” about the deck. The most popular versions run the Snip combo, the Zilliax combo, and Mecha’thun. Thats 3 win-cons in a single deck. Thats what breaks the deck.

Since BRM (Thaurissan) I have been arguing for the “Summoning Portal” condition - … but not less than (1) - to be on all cost reduction effects (unless otherwise specified), 'cos making :poop: free has been one of the biggest problem areas the game has seen since launch.

Unfortunately I’ve played a LOT of Sn1p Sn4p Warlocks and I’ve never even got to see much past turn 5 or 6 and that’s unfortunate because I haven’t even experienced the full wrath of the deck. I actually messaged about 4 people on my friends list before coming to the forums to hear their opinions and none of them even mentions mechathun or zilliax. I wouldn’t doubt that they haven’t got to see it either because these decks win fairly quick. But I thought that it was just Sn1p Sn4p that’s a problem. I’ve heard people say to play silence priest and I have, but even all that silence isn’t enough sometimes.

Yeah, you havent experienced it fully;

Snip combo, you know
Zilliax combo: Glinda > 5X Mechwarpers > Zilliax spam
Mecha’thun: the fail-safe/hail Mary - if they draw poorly etc. the deck has the control tools and draw to include Mecha-thun

The deck really is quite busted, all things considered.

I feel as though I’ve given as much as I can think about solutions to warlock without seeming to want the deck gutted aha, but I don’t even have zilliax or use mechathun :open_mouth: do you suggest a similar mechanic like “no lower than 1” or do you think a cap on copies would be less detrimental to the deck?

Solutions to snip snap

like i said above, i have been a long time supporter of the “but not less than (1)” condition for ~4 years now on most cost reduction effects, so yes, i do agree on that…

the exceptions to me would be things like Sorcerers Apprentice. Exodia Mage has been pushed for a while, so making her effect “but not less than (1)” would piss me off big time tbh.

Or your deck mistakes, because meta is the way and that is TERRIBLE.

You act like play Is all, instead of DECK.

Deck matters, meta matters, not-meta doesn’t have a shot v meta.
“your mistakes” also known as “play” or “navigation” doesn’t matter if your deck isn’t meta. Geesh

hes a necrobumper

i checked his post history

this kid spends his time diging for months old threads

its sucks to lose to it, but its really not that good, people will probably stop playing it.
even when you have the combo, it sucks to keep manually pulling Snip from hand…
secret decks would wreck snip if played properly.

I never got the turn 5-6 off, but I win by then a lot with other decks much faster

I love how salty you guys get for me posting on old threads. It’s not against the rules so stop complaining.

I agree with you, Which is why I wouldn’t say it’s too crazy but pulling echo mechs for 0 mana is pretty ridiculous, an easy way to get legend.

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Hey “kid” the reason I go through these threads is because degenerates like you give people crap for trying to have issues resolved that others have given up on. Do you understand that you being so rude isn’t good for your health? Also stop stalking my posts you damn creep…

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And guess what it is patched after like hundred of days of wrecking havoc. Blizz is just way too slow on fixing broken mechanics. It is done due to financial reasons so people discard their collections and always buy new cards to play in Standard.

Let’s not necro this stupid, stupid thread


Just mute the thread instead on insisting nobody put in any input because you don’t want to hear it.

I think necro’ing this threat 5 months later even after Snip snap warlock was nerfed kind of takes away any credibility you had