Tune in on August 31 for the Mercenaries Showcase

just started 15 mins ago. Let’s go!

I have some basic quesitons.

  1. How much gold do starting things cost? (so that people know how much they should prepare)
  2. Do you get gold in merceneries or is it just the gold from the reward track in the main game? (in the showcase all rewards were in mercenery points so it’s not clear as of yet)
  3. What is the relative exp rate for pve and pvp? (we saw in the showcase getting 10 exp after a battle. If the pve exp is the same as the solo adventures the mode may suffer greatly)

The mode seems interesting on first glance, but I’m afraid it may flop of there is a significant barrier to entry.

I just looked at the story on how much it will cost. 50, 50 and 30€.
With this pricebarrier and what I heared from Gameplay my hypeflame whas killed when it sparks. I honestly do not have much hope that Mercenaries will not be another try to milk the cashcow.

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Geez you guys really just gonna give an hour and a half window to get the drops?!

I was trying to watch the event live but got distracted and missed it. Sure feels like a chore to support the game sometimes. And as an active player and long time supporter of HS who tries to stay in the loop I still manage miss out on some stuff… yay me!

hmm, interesting. I claimed both packs and one arrived after the stream was over, but the other one is nowhere to be found. Seems like something went wrong. Maybe the patch came into effect while the pack was being sent xD.

Anyone else who didn’t get theirs?
Twitch is usually quite reliable, but I guess there will always be mistakes.

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Same here, received only 1 pack. Will wait about 24-48 hours then will try support.

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I didnt get mine this time. Both accounts did not receive the packs, even though the tracking needle said I have achieved 100% of the needed viewing time.

I realised why. I got confused. Under Youtube you dont have to claim them, but now you have to go into inventory page to claim them. So I’ve missed out on total 4 packs, 2 packs per account, again.

Dont have much fate with free packs (I missed out on the silvermoon tour too) even though I set my google home page to hearthstone drops so that I wont miss out on any remote offers.