Transformation Complete!

My World of Warcraft subscription has expired for the first time in years I believe.

I left because it was too expensive and I didn’t have the time for it.

Now I’m all in on Hearthstone! It’s easier to consume in smaller chunks and cheaper! I realize I technically don’t have to buy anything, but I want to support the game so I purchase the Tavern Pass. For a year Hearthstone costs $59.97 and WoW is $155.88. The saving is pretty huge!

I’m glad this game exists so I can still have a Warcraft game with much less of a commitment!!

In summary, was a WoW player and now a Hearthstone player. Transformation complete!

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you wont get very far in HS with just near basic cards XD…but if your enjoying the low ranks then good for ya

HS cost a fortune if you play it more casually//want golden set of cards


i guess its true if you want the full variety of decks out there.
since the lich king expansion ive only bought the tavern passes and ive managed to get pretty much all the cards of classes ive focused on with crafting, which are DK rogue mage pala and warrior.
for the others i couldnt scrounge up a manageable deck if i tried.

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congratulations you are a very good hamster in the scam wheel controlled by blizzy, congratulations… you won! You work, you pay money to blizzard, and you have a good rng in exchange i.e. hot air in exchange for real money, what a wonderful strategy…

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Don’t compare Wow and HS… only the theme is the same… WoW is an MMO RPG, HS is a card game… I am not saying strategy game because this game needs no strategy now… only over power, RNG… and be aware of the controlled MM… it is forcing you to 50% lose and easier than ever since the game is full of randomity… can be really frustrating… WoW is a different story… I supported HS with money only 2 times and regretted it 1000 times already… Don’t give your money so easy for… They are not deserve it until the game is full of unfair mechanics… which are even controlled in 50% to force you lose at all costs and motivate you to buy more packs…

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We finally agree on something!

If you are Warcraft enthusiast, you kind of have to. What are the options?

  • World of Warcraft
  • Hearthstone
  • Warcraft Rumble
  • Warcraft III Reforged
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Now everything is from Microsoft!! I always thought The Elder Scrolls franchise was better than WoW!! I wanted to see a hearthstone about The Elder Scrolls. It would be much better than it is today!

Or play something else… not just WoW exists in this world… there are plenty of entertaining offline games on the market and game platforms… not just the Blizzard exists…

WoW is just worse for my life style right now. It requires dealing with unknown/random people on the internet I will usually never meet; those multiplayer games (on the same team) should be best done with real life friends; it’s just soul wrecking to have randoms who troll your guild every single week because they are petty and only want loot.

WoW could take a lesson from Hearthstone; make MEANINGFULL 1v1 PvP content; it’s possible because there can be maps with special effects picked up from the players that even the field of the obvious imbalances (e.g. Healer vs DPS).

Trust me, you support the game plenty by just logging in, playing games, and being human (presumably ;-).

There’s a lot of opportunity for fun without spending money on the game, just spending time. If your fun comes from traditional HS – collecting cards, making decks and playing them – know that you’ll easily get all the common and rare cards (in standard) without trying. If you find one or two classes that you particularly enjoy, save your dust to spend on them.

And for the love of Yogg, don’t disenchant all the standard cards that rotate to wild next month. It’s a horrible return on value, and not worth it for standard. Take the long view, and let your wild collection grow over time. More opportunities for fun, without paying another nickel.

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Nonsense. You approximately have all the cards if you play for ~2 years and go through at least 1 rotation and don’t disenchant willy nilly and whatnot.

Just learn how to optimize using gold and earning it (there’s also a whole “science” on how exactly to open packs and which packs etc.).

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care not to quote my post partially ? ya 2 years for like 3-4 hours a week ?..“roll eyeball” not happening…and sorry to break it to you but i never ever disenchanted non extra cards…i got 2 copies of most cards except for the newest expacts ones(…also i been playing since the game release…although not as much recently…even paying 300$ per expact barely cut it to keep up(does’t give all epics)

Yeah but that’s at least partly an oxymoron, because most of the “pros who pay” and you whine against them often play for more than 2 years,

so even if they did not pay money: they would probably have good decks anyway (and some of the best in Legend probably do).

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plz quote the “whining” portion in my 2 post…all i did was state facts in both of them

second my reply to you(second post of mine in this thread) was half baked as you didn’t read my first post entirely(i pretended to go along with the non-sense you wrote back to me)

while i know that you dont need a full collection to play into legend…the thread starter think a meager tavern pass is enough to enjoy the game…which is why i stated he like low rank…2 years and half may be enough for Standard cards alone(if he play 6+ hours everyday AND that he dont care for golden cards)…but during that time he would not hit legend…then when rotation happen he has to do it all over again from scratch

there are also preset decks sold now as i would like to note
so Tavern pass + preset decks = like 100$ every 2-3 months if he wanna compete at legend(totaling 400$ yearly at least for competitive gameplay)

he could play without the tavern pass but thats 20% less gold + miss out on some card “only” acquirable from it(alternative are painful achievements)…and he would obviously be restrict to play a singular deck list if he purchase a preset deck

also thread host is not aware that Tavern pass only last like 3-4 months b4 new set of card and tavern pass reset(he seem to think its a perma acquire after 1 purchase

plz dont write things assuming they’re hardcore//have no interest in golden cards/or are happy playing with a bad deck while getting obliterated with ppl with a complete and perfect deck… most ppl i know would rage quit if all they would score are losts cause they dont have a competitive deck…thats why i was saying he’s not likely to enjoy the game with just the basic cards… why do ya think most players net deck to begin with ? how many players do you meet playing a non-net deck list ?

cmon dude…dont spit out non-sense(like right… a whole new player owning a net deck without paying from the get go ? wow…just wow)

EDIT: and no you absolutly dont get to legend with just basic…i been in top 100 legend(best was rank 10 legend)…not a single player i ever met up there roll with a full basic set of cards…i dont play standard but i dont think its any different from wild, to get legend ya need the best cards

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Yeah OK I get what you’re saying; it can be hard to compete in a net deck environment because you might need at least 3 big decks in a month; dust may not exist for most f2p people.

It’s unclear to me though if all f2p players play their gold optimally; e.g. do they open packs optimally and do they disenchant exactly when it’s needed and do they research what is net-deck exactly; but I’m not experienced a lot myself since I haven’t even gone through 1 rotation yet so I’ll wait and see it first hand (starting soon[though technically I may need to go even through the other rotation because the oldest 2 expansions would be thin on cards until then]).

In terms of Ranking some things are obviously subjective; e.g. I may be content to be “good up to Diamond ~4 and if I go Legend I won’t take it seriously further” while others may shoot for Legend 1 (which probably needs “p2w” inevitably(those people often have like 12 decks)); there’s also a way of thinking some of us have: “the rank I get is higher in my mind if I know it’s a f2p rank” which makes you feel better against other ranks that you know are often p2w’ed (or at least part of the player base is there that way).

I realize you have to buy a Tavern Pass every expansion. I just annualized the costs for easier comparison.

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Totally untrue, look at all the bots reaching diamond 5 with basic cards.