Tombs of Terror Gift did not appear in game


I received the Tombs of Terror bundle as a gift, which I already claimed. However, when I entered the game, I did not receive the card back or the Free Legendary that should have come with the bundle. When I checked the shop, it said that I have already purchased the bundle. Please help!



I glanced at your account and I do see the Tombs of Terror there. It looks like it was a very recent purchase though. It can take a bit of time for online payments to process and move over, especially when a gift is involved.

I’d recommend waiting an hour or so and then checking back. These kinds of things can take up to 72 hours, but it’s usually a lot faster than that.


Thanks for the reply!

Still, the goodies have not appeared in my account yet. The gift was sent to me on September 9, and I claimed the gift about 16 hours ago. Is this normal for the process to take this long?


No. Was you careful enough to check which region you claimed your gift into?


It is definitely the right region. In the in-game Shop the Tombs of Terror is shown as “purchased”, but I did not receive the card back or free Legendary


I can’t gift Tombs of terror to a friend. There is no option help!


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i got the same issue - 386490111 is the order number from the 6 sep.
No packs legendary and cardback yet as i see it.