Today's "I Got Wrecked" Moment

Today, since the Meta is still settling, let’s discuss our “I got my butt handed back to me” moment today. Just for venting. Don’t make this a complaint fest. Rather, honor those decks that handed thy @$$ back to thee.

Today, I fought an Enrage Warrior in Wild who had a Warsong Commander, Risky Skipper and then cloned Frothing Berserker twice before sending 20+ damage my way with Charge. Not bad. xD

Queued into a druid. And…yeah.

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My totem shaman run failed to an elemental mage? wtf is that… then again i started off with fool, BL and gigantotam, so the run was f from start.

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Are you happy with +20 damage in wild mode?? As a druid, last year, I made a Stonetusk Boar attack in the opponent’s face with +41 thousand attack!!


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