To the DH/Casino meta newbies/new netdeckers

Hey guys n girls; hope you r all Well! The titel is a bit generalised, but it seems a LOT of new players, actually dont know/haven`t taken time to read the different cards before jumping right into a game.

While thats obviously your choice, its maybe not a good idea. I`ve novices How a lot of the players who play DH/the recently most populær decks, use their turne in game shuffling through their cards and obviously reading what it can do until they rope and get stressed.

While its a bit irritating that your opponent ropes from round One, because he/she dont know their deck - Im thinking it must be more irritating for you guys when you realise you dont know what basics like, say, Taunt or cant be tragted by Spells means. Ive played against a fair spare of aggro opponents who thought they could go face, evnen though I had a Taunt minion…

So, maybe, and just maybe, use, I dont know, fire-ten minuttes to get to know your new deck or the cards of your know class or just the basic mechanismes of the game. Or maybe, Since their isnt a casual battleplayground for new players where you Can read/learn in game - Battle the tavern keeper for practice?

I Think that would, maybe, help you enjoy the game evne more!!