Tips for grinding to legend?

  1. I need some game to play casually
  2. I dont have the money for equipment or gym membership + I sunburn like a vampire
  3. I’m killing time before my move to Canada where Ill go to university and become a software engineer
  4. Im moving - finding a girlfriend only to leave her isn’t something I can do to myself.

So please take your toxicity elsewhere


A really good tip I can give you is only use one deck (with 2-3 variances using different tech cards). Then learn to play that deck in rank, not casual. (a common mistake newbies tends to make is practice in casual, it’s a totally different meta)

The rest depends on your practice and natural talents. Sadly there are people who cannot reach legend regardless of what they do, hopefully you have enough natural talent to overcome that hurdle.


I was thinking of to trying this with Hunter, but I just don’t have time for this.
My highest rank is #15*


I don’t enjoy the grind to legend. But if you wanna try to reach legend rank I have some tips for you.

  1. Play good decks, I recommend playing tier 1 or tier 2 decks because those types of deck have high win rates.
  2. Stay calm and do the best possible play each turn.
  3. Watch streamers playing with your deck archetype to learn how to play better with your deck.
    That is it and good luck in your ranked matches.


Bring it on. Just ue a real deck, not chicken pooh warrior.

Winrate… right. Because thats the whole story with you stat-misers. Remember Quest Rogue and its SUB-50% win rate that basically ruined the game for several months? Cancer decks are cancer decks. Warrior is clown-proof right now and is forcing people to play pure counters…whatever those are. I still havent seen a decklist that truly can deal with unlimited armor and removal yet.


First of all, it needs to be in the hand.

Not sure how many years you haven’t played Hearthstone, but you don’t automatically have all the answers in your hand. Warrior has 40% lose-rate, that happens when they run out of answers or when they don’t draw the answer.

Warrior is bad at drawing their deck. So they have to tank the damage until they draw the right card. Speaking of armor…

If you’re doing nothing as the opponent, yea, it’s easy to get 40 armor. But in a regular match-up, it’s not easy to even maintain 20 armor.

But again, I agree, against people who aren’t playing minions it’s definitely possible to get 40 armor. It usually a free win too, because the enemy isn’t doing anything to tear up the armor. Let alone health.

Not even going to respond about “hero knight”. I’ve never seen someone called Dr.Boom a “hero knight”. You can accidently say Death Knight or a Hero-card… but Hero-knight? I think you need to play the game before even participating forum discussions, but I guess this is your thing.


Just go outside, enjoy the weather and don’t waste your time on hearthstone.
Legend isn’t worth it.


OK so I called him the wrong thing - you know what I meant. Hes busted and ends the game when played right on the spot. Way too powerful and the mechs have rush too? WTF?

Since when does Warrior not draw answers? C’mon - Shield slam is always ready to get rid of ANY big threat. Warpath is too cheap and the repeat is brutal. And Brawl… its the most broken card in the game. 5 mana for a total board clear? TWICE? You cant say thats not obscene.

I dunno - just sick of it. Instant Concede.


Stick it out it takes awhile. Im pretty sure it took me around 50 games or so with a deck that I had a 69% win rate on. If you start going on a losing streak take a fat break. Its not worth going all the way down to 5. I had a friend who hit 1 then kept losing and went back down to 5 and gave up.


Hey what about mass hysteria? Shouldn’t Priest see more play if a 5 mana board clear is “broken”?


No matter, how broken a board clear, it still doesn’t win on its own


maybe he lives in a cave :stuck_out_tongue:


Mass Hysteria is much easier to play around in comparison.


It sure does - when its given to a class that has too much armor, healing, card draw and other BS. The last thing Warrior needs with the stupid mechs is devastating board clears. Plus shield slam, execute, warpath, mech rush, it never ends.


Quest rogue had exploding popularity AND polarized Winrates (very strong and very weak which balance out in average but make for poor gameplay).

Warrior is none of those things either.


I dont see how not though? If you arent playing the exact, perfect counter to warrior(whatever THAT is) you cant win. They have answers on top of more answers for everything you do. Its dumb. Lets review again:

  1. Build board against them? Nope - too much removal.
  2. Deliver damage? Not enough to keep up with the armor.
  3. Play a big minion or two? Nope - see #1: Too many ways to easily and cheaply kill it
  4. Play it sage and hang aroung trying to outvalue them? Nope - value is the name of their game with mech sinergies and stupid armor/Dr. genius.
  5. Run weapons tech against Bomb warrior? Nope - it only stops ONE bomb or two at the most and weapon tech is 100% useless against everything else so its a deck killer.

See what I mean? Does not compute…???


then how does warrior not have a 100% winrate? then how does it not consume the meta and be the only class being played?


There are so many answers to those from different classes, but mainly hunter that you can see from it’s shady matchup spread that it’s perfectly reasonable.

Your worthless comments of ‘too much… not enough’ are completely incorrect as demonstrated by reality:

There are a number of amazing counter decks and ALL of them are doing good in this meta. They have no trouble finding ways to get past single target removal, aoe, and value that you falsely claim is too much. Maybe for your garbage, poorly piloted home brew deck it’s true, but that’s your own fault.


“Amazing” counter decks? Such as…what? I bet they suck against everything else then. Typical Hearthstone - Forcing you to play a specific deck to counter cancer. Nice.


Just read the link proletariat.

The best hunter decks and mech Paladin are counter decks outright, and mech token Druid decks will also counter them.