Tips for grinding to legend?


No matter, how broken a board clear, it still doesn’t win on its own


maybe he lives in a cave :stuck_out_tongue:


Mass Hysteria is much easier to play around in comparison.


It sure does - when its given to a class that has too much armor, healing, card draw and other BS. The last thing Warrior needs with the stupid mechs is devastating board clears. Plus shield slam, execute, warpath, mech rush, it never ends.


Quest rogue had exploding popularity AND polarized Winrates (very strong and very weak which balance out in average but make for poor gameplay).

Warrior is none of those things either.


I dont see how not though? If you arent playing the exact, perfect counter to warrior(whatever THAT is) you cant win. They have answers on top of more answers for everything you do. Its dumb. Lets review again:

  1. Build board against them? Nope - too much removal.
  2. Deliver damage? Not enough to keep up with the armor.
  3. Play a big minion or two? Nope - see #1: Too many ways to easily and cheaply kill it
  4. Play it sage and hang aroung trying to outvalue them? Nope - value is the name of their game with mech sinergies and stupid armor/Dr. genius.
  5. Run weapons tech against Bomb warrior? Nope - it only stops ONE bomb or two at the most and weapon tech is 100% useless against everything else so its a deck killer.

See what I mean? Does not compute…???


then how does warrior not have a 100% winrate? then how does it not consume the meta and be the only class being played?


There are so many answers to those from different classes, but mainly hunter that you can see from it’s shady matchup spread that it’s perfectly reasonable.

Your worthless comments of ‘too much… not enough’ are completely incorrect as demonstrated by reality:

There are a number of amazing counter decks and ALL of them are doing good in this meta. They have no trouble finding ways to get past single target removal, aoe, and value that you falsely claim is too much. Maybe for your garbage, poorly piloted home brew deck it’s true, but that’s your own fault.


“Amazing” counter decks? Such as…what? I bet they suck against everything else then. Typical Hearthstone - Forcing you to play a specific deck to counter cancer. Nice.


Just read the link proletariat.

The best hunter decks and mech Paladin are counter decks outright, and mech token Druid decks will also counter them.


oof, I am trying so hard to not tilt off the face of the earth right now.

Played against another murloc shaman. Every murloc shaman I played against so far out values me as control warrior, I was hoping maybe this time, just this one time Lykotic was right and I out value it. He plays angular turn 1 and 2 for the stats. I clear, he plays everything I clear, I answered him for the whole game. Then he plays Shudderwock which then gives him a full board of murices with 3 health, discovers him 6 spells cuz he got a million ethereal lacky the entire game and no other lacky. Bloodlust from the 5 mana 5/5 battlecry spell card and wins.

He didn’t even use either one of his bloodlust, didn’t even use his angular’s effect at all. He still at the end out valued me. The matchup is impossible to win, I am convinced. You can’t out control murloc shaman.

I answered him the entire game,
Had lower health then him the entire game, even tho I am warrior
he didn’t even use angulars or bloodlust, but he was always able to threaten lethal with bloodlust in hand.
I was forced to answer him turn after turn
and he still won in the end just because he had both Hargthas, Shudderwork out of no where and million ethereal lackeys.

This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to go to the dark side of warrior


Without a replay I can’t comment obviously

Over the past 3 days between r5 and Legend Control Warrior is still showing as 57.6% favorite. When I’ve played Warrior I’ve been playing Mecha’thun personally as it feels like every 3rd game atm is Control Warrior.

I will say that the amount of card generation = loss is tilting at times. Him producing extra spells (above Hagatha) is a worst case scenario for the Warrior and you have zero agency over the result


I have faced 2 control warrior and 4 bomb warrior over the last week. I have faced like 14 mech hunters, 7 druids2 zoo locks and maybe 4 murloc shamans


What rank are you sitting at? No judging just curious as our results are so different. I’m seeing mine at r6 & r7


yeah sometimes r7, sometimes r6 just to tilt and lose to r7


Best advice right here.
i did that during 2nd week of december. gotto rank 2.
played so many games i didnt play another game for the next 5 weeks.


You don’t have Legendary rank, it’s okay.
Always be positive and have clear head, I’m wish you many luck.


On this Warrior debate… here is all I can tell you man.

After kind of hitting the F’it button on ranking up with Big Shaman (just got stuck at r6) I just jumped back on Control Warrior. I just hit r5 in both modes and the Control Warrior deck, for me, is 10-0 and in only one game did I feel like I was in trouble and it was against a tempo Waggle Pick Rogue. In these games I only played Dr. Boom in a meaningful situation I think twice in 10 games.

The deck is just so good against basically anything not named Mech Paladin in my opinion ./shrug

I haven’t played the Hunter decks (not a fan of Hunter in general) but of Murloc, Control Warrior, Rogue, other Shaman, Mage, etc… Control Warrior, to me, stands above the competition.

It is, for it’s meta, probably the strongest pure Control (not Combo-Control) deck I have played and I’ve played most of the Control decks


Please tell me why I haven’t seen another control warrior in a week while I have been losing 100% against mech hunters which appears every other game

I am so tilted I am actually auto conceding against hunters

Control warrior has so many bad matchup
Token druid out values it
Murloc shaman out values it
Mech hunters out face it

Dropped to rank 8 because I am so sick and tried of getting bad matchup and seeing ZERO control warriors

The only good matchup we have really is against control shaman, every other is either about 50% or auto concede


So again…
r1-r5: Control Warrior is #1 the past 3 days
Legend: Control Warrior is #3 the past 3 days

All Control Warrior was #2
r1-r4 Control Warrior was #4
Legend: Control Warrior was #1

I hate to say this MVPM but from my experience and the data you HAVE to be doing something wrong with the matchups or having crazy expectations to find Control Warrior weak right now. Maybe being a bit too aggressive with your AoE clears? Here is what I faced:
1 Paladin: Won, but he misplayed so scratch it
1 Mage: Won, Brewmastered BGH so I could clear through his minions
2 Hunters: Midrange was easy, Mech was a bit tough but 2x Silence helped (Brewmaster)
1 Rogue: So close to death so many times for me
3 Shaman: 1 OL 2x Murloc and they never touched my health really
2 Priest: o.O

This is the deck I am using. HSR has it as 60% overall WR
Control the Meta
Class: Warrior
Format: Standard
Year of the Dragon

2x (1) Eternium Rover
2x (1) Omega Assembly
2x (1) Shield Slam
1x (1) Town Crier
2x (2) Warpath
2x (2) Weapons Project
1x (2) Youthful Brewmaster
1x (3) Ironbeak Owl
2x (3) Shield Block
1x (3) SN1P-SN4P
2x (4) Militia Commander
2x (4) Omega Devastator
1x (5) Big Game Hunter
2x (5) Brawl
2x (5) Dyn-o-matic
1x (5) Harrison Jones
1x (5) Supercollider
1x (5) Zilliax
1x (7) Dr. Boom, Mad Genius
1x (9) Archivist Elysiana


Honestly from what I saw I’d ditch Elysiana today and run 2x Brewmaster. Bremastering BGH, Owl, or Omega Devastator is just so good and I only ran into 1 Warrior last night.