Time to nerf Reno

Imagine complaining about Sargeras when Reno does the same exact thing for 1 mana less but not only poofs everything away including portals and locations but also limits your opponent’s following turn. Somehow that sounds fair to you but “Sargeras”, nope can’t have that.

I am not crying, and neither am I advocating for Sargeras to get nerfed.

I am just explaining that if you think that Reno is broken and needs a nerf, so does Sargeras.

You’ve turned this into me somehow s#itting on Sargeras.
I don’t want either to get nerfed because they are both fine.


Reno is not fine though. You wouldn’t be trying to defend it this hard if it wasn’t slightly broken. Clearly you see a big advantage in playing it.

Well funnily enough I don’t even play it so I have no bias at all.

I don’t know about Wild which you are playing but in Standard highlander decks aren’t strong. And when it comes to nerfing stuff, we always go with Standard first.

Well then play against it then tell me how you feel. If you don’t have a dog in the fight why did you compare Reno to Sargeras while saying Sargeras is broken but Reno is fair. It makes no sense.

Reno is amazing, tbh. I dont know if the effect was changed prior to launch but it feels very meta reactive, in a good way. Mid range and control have been getting a bit strangled out by aggro, tempo, and combo (dmg and board buff, both) for a while now by virtue of gameplans that used to be punished by lack of draw, clears, and reload. Aggro and tempo decks complaining that they cant reload again on turn 8+ says volumes, tbh. I know if i only have one minion im able to play i aint chuffed, i got plenty of high value 7+'s ive been waiting to use.

I didn’t say I don’t play the game.

I said I don’t play Reno decks.

XL Sif Mage, Odyn Warrior, Naga DH, ABJ Hunter all crap on Reno decks.
Standard highlander decks are not good enough to warrant a Reno nerf. And Wild is definitely unable of causing a Reno nerf because first comes Standard.

You simply can’t see it from your Wild perspective because only chance a new card gets nerfed is if it’s too strong in Standard which Reno isn’t.

Also I highly doubt it’s THAT strong in Wild also.

Yeah, it’s weird to say Reno doesn’t see play. The card’s in 22% of decks (past 3 days, D1-D4). :thinking:

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A ton of streamers have called out Reno for being too overpowered in terms of cost for effect. I’m sure it’s a growing problem in standard decks as well. Limiting which decks can be played is not good game design.

It’s not though.

People thought that highlander druid was good first days of the expansion, but as time went on they realized it isn’t. Standard highlander decks can’t close out games, and Standard is a combo meta.

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Isn’t this impossible to avoid? That is, designing new cards inevitably puts pressure on existing cards, sometimes to the point of obsolescence/deletion.

I expect that number will grow. Hopefully more people abuse it for the sake of an early nerf.

Control card is released. Aggro players rage. Mind = blown.


This topic is full of some absolutely molten takes from both sides of the argument and I am here for it :joy::joy:

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That’s a lie. Just conceded against a DH that was using it. I managed to get a decent board, as a mage, and they just plopped down Reno. I instantly conceded.

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Pretty typical for a thread where OP assumes that Wild matters but barely mentions it

That is not a good benchmark though. Have you seen the folks streaming this game? Scary .

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Yeah I mean I know tman is older than this but his thought process here reminds me of my ten year old

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You should take your own advice.

Neither sarge nor reno is broken.

That’s not what they said. They said if one is broken, then the other is, too. That’s a fair perspective, but it puts you on the defensive because you love your warlock toys and hate losing.

It makes your whole take look more salt than pork.

Um, the only bs here is you. Reno isn’t that big of a deal outside of a couple decks that, if the player lives long enough to play reno, then the game was already over and no one told them.

I feel like it’s slow, there aren’t enough single cards in most classes to justify the restriction, and it’s mostly played by people having fun who care less about winning. It’s a real nerd card more than a power card.

Pretty much this, lol.


Druid building constantly a massive board and when you get your stuff down, they play Reno…fun to play against in wild.

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