Time to nerf Reno

It’s toxic (no pun intended) to the gameplay, especially in the wild meta. It’s an OP board clear that every control deck is going to play and its going to limit what decks can be played steering the meta into a very stale direction. It needs to be hit sooner than later before it becomes an auto include card in every control based deck.


Reno doesn’t even see play in Standard so it is not going to get nerfed.

if they can nerf it only for standard they should tho.

It’s used against me every other game in standard. What do you mean it doesn’t see play?

This game again and again punished playing the board. They only seem to want you to play damage from hand.

Neutral board clears like Yogg and Reno are so frustrating. Unless my aggro deck draws perfectly and I can kill them before turn 8 I lose even in my Enrage Warrior deck which also has late game win conditions.

Druid can ramp up and play both of these cards by turn 6-7 too.


Average game length is 4-7 turns nowadays. It’s an 8 mana card.

Should be at least a 9 mana card. The fact it poofs away portals and locations is equally stupid game design, not to mention it basically skips your opponents next turn as well. Just a stupid card all around. Punishes anyone that plays a board based deck.

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Maybe that is the reason why I didn’t see it that much lol.

… on turn 8+

So much for a board based deck that can’t kill their opponent before turn 8.

Reno is quite the balanced and with an 8 Mana cost is supposed to carry a powerfull effect. Maybe you just need to play around it properly if you see your opponent is playing highlander.


I tend to agree with this, what’s it’s current mana cost, 7? That’s ridiculously undercosted, it should be about a 9 mana card.

I think the fact that it limits the following turn is kind of debilitating, it’s a much stronger scabbs that at 7 mana was considered op.

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What about simply nerfing warlock, rogue and hunter?

It’s clear Heartstone has favorites when it comes to classes.

It’s sometimes absurd to see a warlock outclass every class on their best abilities.

How can you say Reno is balanced when majority of you were whining over a 9 mana Sargeras board wipe?

Sargeras is stronger than Reno.

Are you joking?? Please explain. Is it the 3/2 imps that give you a problem? You think an 8 mana board poof and skipping your opponents turn is less strong than a 9 mana board clear that poops out a couple easily killed 3/2 imps?

It’s not about giving me a problem particularly, but Sargeras leaves a body with the potential of more follow-up if it’s not killed.

Reno just wipes the board and restricts the opponent but that’s it.
It’s not infinite generation like Sargeras.
And it requires nonduplicate while Sargeras doesn’t.

So no I am not joking, put your bias aside … Sargeras is definitely stronger.

Also there is the plethora of choices that Sargeras has while Reno is just a board clear.

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“Reno just wipes board and restricts the opponent but thats it.”

Oh is that all?

If Reno is broken so is Sargeras.

That’s the truth, so choose your poison.

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That’s the dumbest argument I have heard.

You must have heard quite the intellectual arguments then for mine to be the dumbest.

I explained above why that is, you are free to disagree but no reason to call my argument dumb.

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I have every right to call your argument dumb. Bring some logic to the table next time.

Sargeras doesn’t require nonduplicate, Reno does.
Sargeras spawns a portal that summons infinite minions, Reno doesn’t.
Sargeras leaves a body that need be dealt with, Reno doesn’t.
Sargeras has 3 abilities, Reno doesn’t.

How is that for logic