Time for a new format?


Well its another year and Blizzard are rolling out the cards. Yes in Standard there are a bunch of powerful combo decks most of which you can pull off the web. So its combo vs combo again and again and again… Many powerful combo decks require multiple legendaries you are going to have to craft or buy a ton of cards to draw. I get it…the profit motive.

You can argue that’s OK…if you don’t like it you are free to play Wild. Wild is also a constructed format and its been getting progressively broken as more cards are released.

That leaves Tavern Brawls and Arena. These two formats are often the most fun and certainly formats that can level the field.

But there is one format that Blizzard have never created for Hearthstone. A sealed deck format that you can run over several months like MTG leagues. It forces you to use all the cards you have. Your decks could be limited to one legendary and 3 epics and your card pool could be static or be upgraded during the course of the league.

Why you ask? Because this format does not force you to chase cards. It’s friendly to beginners, it makes Blizzard money. The extra cards can evenhelp with preparing standard decks and the format can applied to esports events just as much as the standard format can. More to the point any card in a set could prove pivotal in a game.

You could say that Hearthstone is healthy based on the high level competition but that’s really only half the picture. The vast majority of my friends have quit. They don’t feel competitive and they certainly can’t keep up. So why not have a format where keeping up is not so critical to playing the game. A format that is more slanted to the current years card release so we can really explore the new set. I’m will probably get the cone of silence from Blizzard but I would love some feedback and I’m actually trying to help. The game may be dynamic but the game format is very stale. It’s constructed, constructed, random and pay to survive in the arena. Come on guys…you can breathe fresh air into this game or watch people drift away.


…there are? Which powerful combo decks are currently in Standard?


Aren’t “not force you to chase cards” and “makes Blizzard money” contradictional?


A sealed format or something of that variety is lacking in Hearthstone where some other CCGs have it.

Remember Oktoberbrawl? The one where streamers had a limited number of packs per week but would make their own decks from the cards they opened? Something like that would be cool.

Well there’s not many popular combo decks in Standard after the rotation. If you are talking about combinations of cards, eg: Prep, Raiding Party, Waggle Pick, Dread Corsair, in technically not a combo deck, well that’s different.


Well I came across Mech Hunter and then Dr Boom Warrior decks all the time yesterday but there is a new Rogue combo deck based around the Wagglepick. There is a Paladin deck that does 25 damage a turn. Mechathun decks…etc etc. In any collectible card game there are dominate combo decks for a given format you know this so I don’t understand why you are asking me. My format suggestion was to force players to use other cards in the set and reduce the skill that comes with chasing key cards for those combos. Would Standard change? No. Not at all.

I define combo deck as a combination of cards that work together to create what normally becomes a lock on a game. No combo is unbeatable and they have specific weaknesses and strengths against other combo decks. A combo deck usually requires one to many legendary and epic cards. So with minor variation mech hunter decks are all fundamentally the same.

Finally in current Standard you have to chase powerful cards and that makes Blizzard money. I understand nothing is free. In my suggested format you have to play with the cards you have drafted…there is nothing to chase. The down side is that you may have bad cards. But if you run it like a MTG league you could get a new pack each week and that might change the strength of your existing decks or you may decide to run with a different race. For example you open a pack that has a young mage and a flamestrike and you switch your competition deck from Rogue to Mage. Magic Leagues were a lot of fun for the cost of entry…which was still substantial. They upgraded the on line game and removed leagues and that was the end of Magic for me.


If your definition of “combo deck” includes Mech Hunter and non-Mecha’thun Warrior decks, your definition is considerably broader than what most people understand as a combo deck.