Tickatus Best New CARD!

I know there’s a lot of talk in this forums about how much people hate this card. I think this card is amazing and I love using it and I"m so glad you guys brought it out.

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Is lock even good with Tickatus? Or is it just an extra feelsbad moment getting hit with it and that’s why there’s so much crying in the forums. All I see are bad win rates for lock


This card is equivalent to the Big-bomb in shoot’em up games and you can have 4-6 of these bombs in one game. If you have this crazy card of course you will love it.

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your totaly trolling now…then again using Reno as profile pic totaly speak for how you think…‘play Reno for his line just b4 killing opponent’ ‘We’re gonna be rich ! troll face’

…may as well mess with ya now lol…play Pen Flinger: Hey Loser :D…just a bait see if that will trigger you to bump your thread :3

EDIT: i be off to play some Megaman X6 on my GC now…i read replies later if any

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No you’re the one Trolling. Incase you failed to read the topic of the post it about Tickatus, not pen flinger. I actually really do love Tickatus.

And btw it’s You’re… for you are, not your.

i know the topic is bout Tickatus…and you replied in the other 2 hate thread about Ticka b4 creating this thread thats why i said your trolling

as for Pen Flinger i meant your thread about him(second paragraph part)

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I’m sorry, responding to threads and creating threads is not trolling. And while others are posting negative posts about it, I’m posting a positive one.

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I found the card okay but I really started to love it when I saw the salt potential!


Well, I have Tickatus in a deck, it has like 45% winrate or so, but truth to be said, I have built the deck to work on achievements, not to win :slight_smile: And yes, it is enjoyable to play Tickatus and it is not fun to be on the receiving end, so I understand both sides :slight_smile:

I agreed. Ticketus FOR LIFE

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It can be quite good against really really slow decks but without having taunt and requiring a 7 mana or higher to corrupt it is just a bit too slow. Of course im only speaking for standard.

lol you are the Pen Flinger guy.
To be honest Tickatus is way more offensive than the Pen Flinger xD

Yes. It’s not good, but it’s so anti-fun and non-interactive that it should be nerfed into oblivion.

No, but it’s really fun. My favourite deck so far.