Threads of Dispair removes Amitus erroneously

weird bug. cast that spell on DK hero power zombie, have it die to another minion, which dies. amitus has 8 health yet just gets removed. should have instead taken 2 dmg. no other minions on board.

without a replay, i can only guess it had poison

It takes 1 damage per trigger of threads of despair, so the damage cap of 2 does not matter as it’s 8+ instances of 1 damage AOE

Common · Minion · TITANS · After you summon an Undead, give it Poisonous.

It’s either this or 8 other minions died due to threads.

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it wasn’t that, some weird bug. nothing poisonous, should have totaled 2 dmg. i use threads of despair too.

So precisely two minions died triggering threads of despair on each yet Amitus died? Not more than 2 is what you are saying? And Amitus had greater than 2 health? (If more than 2 minions died Amitus would take more than 2 damage, due to each minion only dealing 1 damage at a time, each damage ping under the damage cap of 2 but collectively killing Amitus)

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thats what i want to know

Was there multiple Threads of despair cast by your opponent? Theoretically with double Death Growl and Double Threads of Despair they can kill using 2 minions

yes only 2 minions. that’s correct.