Those of you that use emotes


I see the emotes on hearthstone as threats so do not use them I am sure if there are military personal playing they also would would like for the emotes to not be used as well its ok to be used with people you know but if you have no idea who the person are think how offensive/threatening the emotes are before you use them


Boring… If you want to troll post, at least make it creative and funny.


Looks like someone said too much. Remember folks, loose lips sink ships.


This is the worst troll post I’ve ever read. You suck at this.


Because the military is extremely concerned about the use of emotes on a card game?

They aren’t concerned about suicide rates of veterans or the obesity rates of new recruits? That would be crazy!


contrary to OP’s name this isn’t awesome of a thread. :laughing:


obesity rates your kidding me right you do know you have they use body mass to height ratio so none obese and the suicide rates of vets have been going on for ever and yes the military is concerned of all acts of threats


<Face the wisdom of the seas!>


Yeah, no, the military would not eee an emote in a digital card game as any sort if threat, nor would any mentally stable person.

This troll is terrible and you should feel terrible.