Those of you that use emotes


I see the emotes on hearthstone as threats so do not use them I am sure if there are military personal playing they also would would like for the emotes to not be used as well its ok to be used with people you know but if you have no idea who the person are think how offensive/threatening the emotes are before you use them


Boring… If you want to troll post, at least make it creative and funny.


Looks like someone said too much. Remember folks, loose lips sink ships.


Because the military is extremely concerned about the use of emotes on a card game?

They aren’t concerned about suicide rates of veterans or the obesity rates of new recruits? That would be crazy!


contrary to OP’s name this isn’t awesome of a thread. :laughing:


obesity rates your kidding me right you do know you have they use body mass to height ratio so none obese and the suicide rates of vets have been going on for ever and yes the military is concerned of all acts of threats


<Face the wisdom of the seas!>


Yeah, no, the military would not eee an emote in a digital card game as any sort if threat, nor would any mentally stable person.

This troll is terrible and you should feel terrible.


The Military peoples wills comes for u !


I would actually love to see OP give a Ted talk explaining this.


I am still seeing people use emotes even after I have told people not to


Funny how that works.


ok so you think it is ok for someone to use the emote on a hunter that says I will hunt you down? what you will hunt down the person in real life and murder them? you see why that emote should not be used?


Do you find it difficult to go through life being unable to understand the difference between figurative and literal speech? I don’t want to be insensitive to whatever condition you’re suffering from.


Then this means you need to play a different game that has no in game threats that are not meant to take a stab at you. There’s game humor being done between characters. This also mean your young and young players do have high sensitive with games that trash talks. I can understand that but try to understand not to take it personally. Best regards.


Yes, completely

No, Rexxar might well hunt his opponent down after the match though. I’m probably clicking the Play button again at that point.

How is it that you’re mentally capable of playing the game but not of grasping the contextual difference between a game and reality?


Blizzard needs to change the forums: you can’t create a thread until you have 25 (or 50) posts in OTHER threads. Not foolproof, but it would have made OP work a little harder for his lame troll thread.


Your trolling is simply… awesome!


I’m in the Army. I’m not the military Lorax, so I don’t speak for all of us, but I have never met a single Soldier who felt threatened by the emotes in HS. We typically have real threats to deal with. Perceived slights on a video game don’t phase us. If emotes bother you, just squelch your opponent.

FYI, obesity rates in new recruits and existing Soldiers is a concern. Yes we have to meet HT/WT standards, but some Soldiers struggle for various reasons. New recruits struggle because more 17-18 year olds are far less active than in years prior.


People who say emotes are dumb & meaningless but use them anyway are being willfully dumb & meaningless, pay them no mind.