This Weeks Tavern Brawl is Ridiculous


I just tried out this weeks tavern brawl and I hate it.

It’s just aggro aggro aggro … boring!

I prefer where you need a strategy to play.

Having aggro with a deck you can’t choose yourself is just like giving two people clubs and telling them to go into an arena and bash until someone dies. In that scenario, the bigger stronger person wins. Period.

So this week, the bigger stronger deck and whichever order your cards get pulled is who wins. No strategy required.

Poor choice Blizzard!


That is unfortunate that YOU hate it. However, YOU are not the entire player base. The brawl changes every week. Feel free to vent on the forums, but listing off what YOU hate is not constructive and will only get you roasted by those of us who have grown weary of “I hate this brawl and it should be designed to MY liking” posts. Maybe try listing some of your own ideas for brawls instead of just bashing the developers of a game that requires no money to play.


I love this tavern brawl, it’s the best.

Good choice Blizzard!


Gee, thanks for giving me permission to vent and dislike things. I really appreciate it. I didn’t say it shouldn’t exist or anything. I just said I don’t like it and it’s terrible and why i think it’s terrible. There have been some great tavern brawls, I just don’t like this one. But again, thanks for giving me permission to dislike something you like.

If you love it, good for you! You have my permission to love it!

Seriously… I don’t need you or anyone bashing me because I expressed an opinion.


I hated it so much I tried my hardest and won my match.


I wasn’t suggesting you needed my permission, but , just saying you hate it is non-constructive and presents you as yet another “I hate this weeks brawl” cry-baby (and there is at least one per week). What is the point of a post to simply say YOU hate it and offer nothing of substance to talk about? I also never said I liked this one, I would just prefer to see people offer up their own ideas instead of calling the devs stupid because this weeks brawl wasn’t to their satisfaction.


I understand some people don’t like aggro decks… but maybe if you played them with the mindset that they aren’t brainless “play big thing go” decks, you’d learn the nuances of aggro play and maybe come to enjoy these decks more?


I never called the dev’s stupid…not once.

Sheesh…Learn to read.

You want to know what I like in a Tavern Brawl? Okay.

I really liked last weeks with the easter eggs one.

I really like random decks that are balanced and with the right combos you can win against any other hero.

I like where you can choose a few cards and then win more cards as you win more games.

I would like to see a week where all cards start out as one thing and then randomly morph into another.

It might be cool to have a deck that morphs from one hero type to another such as you start out with a warrior deck and then suddenly all your cards are shaman or whatever.

See, not a “cry-baby” at all. Sorry I disturbed your forum with my venting.

How about you don’t attack people and police how they post.


I only enjoy the arena brawls. Other than that i just do them for the classic card pack per week. Just maybe instead of coming to the forums to whinge, punch a kitten or something. You’ll get less hate that way.



Its not well balanced. The hero who starts with the weapon has a much higher chance to win unless the opponent draws perfectly.


I liked it, very random fight in wow hell


Sorry, I took “Poor choice Blizzard” to be the same as you calling them stupid for not catering to you this week.

I am indeed interested in what you like about brawls and ideas you may have for new ones. I am more than happy to comment in a non-attacking way when there is substance to talk about. I, like you, was venting my frustration.

So, I apologize for being a police and hope we can now turn this to intelligent discussion about fresh ideas.

I really like your thought about your hero and deck changing after an amount of time; it would require a lot of adaptive thinking to deal with the change. Would it only change once, or change every few turns?

I think Shift-con was similar to the one where you suggest the cards would morph, not sure if that is exactly what you meant.

If you are up to the read, on the old forums, I had started a thread with links to many of the Brawl ideas from other players and added a substantial list of my own ideas. I’m a little sad there is not an forum area devoted to Brawl anymore as it is one of my favorite modes.

Link to the old Forum page.


This brawl is fun because it has cards you cannot normally play. People like different things. This brawl in in the Top 10 Brawls of all time.


@Lyrrum - Yes, I think you would have the cards shift to a different hero style every 3 turns … so you would only have three turns to use those cards…it would require a lot of adaptive thinking.

Thanks for that link and I will give it a read.

Not sure what you mean about the other battle that was similar to what I suggested. I don’t always play tavern battles and I only started playing them regularly over the last 3 months. So, I’m sure I’ve missed some styles.

@Zepp-1362 - you claim this is in the top 10 … according to whom? Did you take a survey? Do you speak for every Hearthstone player? If you are speaking just for yourself, then fine. It’s in YOUR top 10.


Normaly I’d agree BUT… Agro is objectively for Inhuman slimy black hearted disgusting pathetic fish eyed weak idiotic boring paramecia brained individuals… so meh :stuck_out_tongue:


I love the ideal of brawls. To me it’s always been a place for the HS team to test crazy things that we might see later down the line in another mode if it worked well in brawl. In that frame of mind I don’t have a real hate for any of them but I do like the Crossroads brawl if only because it reminds me of doing quest there in WoW lol :grin:


And you have proof of this? I mean, hard evidence? If not, you are spreading rumours that are untrue.


You’re going to have to explain how they match us up so we lose.

When one player loses, the other wins. If I get a bad match up, that sucks for me but if Blizzard set me up for that, that means they also set the opponent up for a good match up.

Your argument defeats itself


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Can you prove that you were not high on some illegal substance when you wrote this?

Also, you might want to read up on what cookies actually are and how they work before continuing your crazy accusations.