They just keep making broken decks

I am playing Shaman and I just feel sorry for my opponents. The deck is clearly broken. For people who know better about 25% concede before the game can even start.

The shaman uses four cost and six cost cards to pull creatures out of your hand. The creatures I am playing are obviously overpowered behemoths - walking giant, Y’Sharrj, Neptulon, Thunderbringer and Glugg. With cards like Eureka and Ancestor’s call you can pull these onto the board earl and with cards like scalding geyer you can pull them into your hand quickly. Bolster this with cards like Devolve , Healing rain, reincarnate and ancestral spirit you can reinforce the board on your very next turn if they couldn’t deal with it. It is ridiculous.

Yes they do.

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Yah it’s not fun to lose too easily but also not fun to win too easily.

I particularly loathe the strategy of waiting for that one big card that just wins the game no matter what happens.

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