Ther´s no time to think anymore. How do you manage?

Just got back into the game after getting the giftpackage for not playing for over half a year.

Never had a problem with it before.

But now, in addition to the powercreep being taken to 11/10 the cards themselves are so complex. I imagine if you play the game consistently this may not be a huge problem, but the barrier of entry for a returning or god forbid new player is now almost insurmountable.

Nearly every card now has one ability, many have two, some have three or more. Some are complex abilities that have conditions and some even have conditions for what happens if you fail those conditions.

I´ve played some Arena games that have far more muted cards and I almost never ran out of time. Trying some normal hearthstone, even at Bronze with a very low MMR I am simply overburdened.

Thinking of installing some of those tooltip programs that help you keep track of whats happened in the game, what cards you have left and what have been played for no other reason this time than to read the cards while the opponent plays his. At this point they really should be standard, at least the card tracker.

The game has those become both more complex and complicated. Add to this all the cards that now have random effects (Played against a mage that essentially played “Random card go Boom” every two cards) and the near bottomless pit that is discovering cards that many classes have access to and it feels like the clock just isn´t enough.

Im enjoying some aspects of this from a gameplay perspective, though I do feel its a bit too much randomness in general but I simply cant keep up anymore.

In regards to the randomness, I feel that even if I was super tuned in and quick to re-construct a strategy ad hoc every two turns Im almost only optimizing my cards for myself, because predicting the kind of cards someone else will pull out of their random-generating magic hat and accounting for the possibilities of what effects one must defend against is near impossible.

How about you?

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I definitely recommend using HSReplay’s Deck Tracker; it will help reduce some of your anxiety. I don’t worry very much about what my opponent is doing; I figure my deck can handle anything that they throw at me. Stick to one deck for now, & learn it’s secrets, this will give you more confidence, reducing anxiety further.

Good luck!

I just scheduled deleted my Blizzard account. Not sure how I can still post here but it must be some cache thing.

Its just a compound of things:

The issues explained here.

The fact that the only support ticket I made in 20 years regarding an in-game activity (accidental/misunderstood deletion of cards) was not accommodated.

The fact that I got permanently banned from Heroes of the Storm after almost 10 years of use as a result of their automated three strike policy change on toxicity.

The fact that capital concentration has increased from Blizzard->Activision-> Into Microsoft.

Terrible monetization practices across the board, culminating in Diablo Immortal.

3+ years now of a bugged Starcraft 2 ranked system that places people in completely wrong ranks visually, making it impossible to feel anything but confusion instead of pride of accomplishment. Unable to keep track of if you just got beat by a smurf or not as well or who your team mates are.

Basically I don´t play Starcraft 2 anymore.

I only played some HotS cause I got sucked back into Hearthstone due to the packs.

And Im really only enjoying Arena in Hearthstone but I refuse to pay 2 dollars for every 3 games which is my average loss-rate vis-a-vi the gold I get from rewards.

But oh well, yeah Deck Tracker is good. I just think Ill be healthier and happier without Blizzard :stuck_out_tongue:

Every company (and scammer) is trying to suck as much money out of every human that they possibly can, with little or no ethics, and it is becoming an oppressive world.

So you turn to video games for escape and fun, and they turn the video games into shopping malls. Good for you for leaving, good luck.

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It’s comments like this that make this forum a toxic swamp.

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I was just sympathizing with a human being. I would argue your completely unnecessary shot at me is the toxicity, but you do you. “This user’s public profile is hidden.” - That would be you.


When will you be leaving?

You know, if it’s the right thing to do.

Huh? It made me smile. It was like super wholesome.


It’s completely absurd that you give this comment “Solved” status.

He made zero attempt to help you.

You’ve essentially admitted that you’re just a troll.