The trial deck system is strange

Currently, only six trial decks are presented, and unlike before, the deck can only be completed after a week. In other words, you have to lose to a complete deck with an incomplete deck for a week. Even the Naga Priest deck I was playing with was gone with this patch. Isn’t it enough to have imperfect decks lose to perfect decks over the course of weeks already from rank 40 to bronze? Does someone who has already bought a complete deck need a trial deck?

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Deck can only be completed after a week? Are we considering the 6 decks incomplete?

Yes, because they all lack cards from new expansion which make a huge difference (minus Implock). In the meantime Sire, Renathal and other cards got nerfed while the Druid deck for example runs only Sire as the only win condition.

I picked the Beast Hunter from Castle Nathria on EU and did really well with it on ladder with only a few changes. Depends on the deck but I don’t think it makes a huge difference to win rate whether it has latest expansion cards or not.