The reason for the balance issues in BG is..YEP LAG

Its starting to become hilarious,meme worthy. Maybe we should make a meme because memes tend to push businesses to actions because of pr considerations.
BG is awesome but the overall design that causes all the lag is so bad that it is actually the root of the balance issue in BG.

More tribes would be able to compete if there was no lag. (naga does suffer to some extend from lag but for them its a far less big issue as they have the autoscale build in where even if you sit and do nothing you gain 100-100+ a turn.
I just came 4th or something (cant even tell because disconnect) with reno golden jini into double nomi into rag elementals.
I would have won that game if it was not or the lag!!! (would easily have outscaled the naga as i had literally every piece. Not to mention that i got gold orgo somewhere along the way as well for free with a lot of extra value. ( i would even have been able to transition at that point if it wasnt for the lag).

But yes,the lag made it impossible to bear the fruits of my play.

Now isnt that funny. Blizzard puts so much emphasisis on the game looking awesome (it doesnt even look awesome right now with all the lag) that we have gotten to the point where the lag caused by animations results in severe balance issues wich will result in a nerf which will result in nagas beeing less awesome then now.

I can not even. I am serious,this isnt even a rant.
This truly is impossible to understand for me,how has it ever gotten to this point in game design.

The overall designer of BG should adjust his design phylosophy. He has great ideas about the gameplay,truly brilliant actually. But he has the wrong priorities which end up ruining the game to a large extend.

Now am i the only one who simply can not understand this at all???

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Maybe I missed it but are you playing on pc or mobile?

but there is no lag are you sure isnt on your side ?

1 year old gaming pc. ASUS ROG with dedicated graphics card and all that (not top of the line gforce but a pretty good one still). 500mb internet with a <10ms ping to the provider! (major provider,not some small indie company…)
(and this is from an eu country which has very good internet infrastructure in general).

It really is not a hardware issue on my side. All streamers experience the same.
Also,when i play fps (which are far more demanding grapgically) i dont experience lag.

It really is the design. Its probably not only the graphics (though they do play a major role in this). Its more then the graphics,its also all the buffs that the game has to calculate.
(why this takes forever i dont understand either as this shouldnt even take a mili sec).

The other thing that could contribute is blizzard beeing cheap. Cutting edges when it comes to the capacity of their servers.

Whatever the reason is,its very bad and not worthy of such an accomplished company as Blizzard.

I did play on NA from EU for this game in all fairness. But i experience similar lag when playing on EU and when i play other ,graphically far more demanding,games on NA servers the lag is just fine (when its eastcoast. westcoast has the 300ms ping).

And also,like said before. All streamers (which i would guess have top of the line rigs),even those from NA , experience the same lag.

thing is bro this isn’t Blizz anymore this is Activision and they don’t give a flying F#@# as long as they have your money they really don’t care about the product… brain drain happened years ago now and you are left with the only devs willing to put up with the corporate overlords. Even if there is talent there would be no reason for them to work hard.

No no.

This is not a rant , i love blizzard and BG.

The gameplay of BG is truly brilliant (which is why i still stick with it).
Games that have as brilliant gameplay as this game come along once every 5 years or even less. Its very rare for the gameplay to be THIS good. But it gets ruined by other design considerations unfortunatly.

Which is why this bothers me so much. I simply can not understand this.

It doesn’t matter for the lag issue.

Idk if you play much bg, but if you play nomi elementals you know there is an elemental in the tavern before you see it because everytime a buffed elemental is added there is a long lag.

Beyond that animations like daryl are so bad that you can play your whole turn and then just wait several seconds for the ui to catch up, but sometimes it just locks and you can’t move until the animations are done - thereby killing your apm turns.

Same happens with pirates as all of the animations for putting gold back, discarding a pirate, increasing stats on your pirates from peggy etc. have to resolve before you can move on. The fast you go, the slower the game gets as it tries to catch up.

It’s really, really bad right now to play any sort of apm BG build.

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It does if they are on mobile with an older device and/or a poor mobile connection.

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That only exacerbates an existing issue that plagues the mode for all devices. It’s the same on a gaming pc with 32gig ram and 8g graphics ram as it is on a mobile device.

The lag is spaghetti code not device related.


I see what you’re saying. I can’t disagree.


Just came back after a short absence of BG and was wondering if this was just me.
But damn does this feels trash to wait for every action you do.

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Tbh, the lag combined with small timers makes new people intimidated by the mode. I sometimes play with my friends in bgs and a good chunk of them feel like they don’t even have time to read the cards, nagas even exacerbating the issue with all their Spellcraft effects.

Oh, and can we fix the timer between rounds? It’s really annoying facing Leapfrogger comps only to barely have any time to do anything the next turn.

Or at least make Leapforgger deathrattle way faster, like make the frogs jump to all minions at the same time with all their stats. We don’t really care about how many times the deathrattle changes target, we care about the end result. So much time spent on an useless animation.

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I do realize the game looking awesome is the most important for a rather big group of players. Players who play a bit more casual maybe.

So if they want to keep in all the animations for those people,then maybe they can provide at least an option to players that are bothered by the lag. The option to play with far lower graphic settings. (the lowest graphic settings till have lag and disconnect no longer works,because most of the lag occurs when you are in the tavern!).

But this only goes if the animations are the only reason for the lag,which i doubt.

Thx for responses btw,this is a subject i am rather pasionate about.

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If you haven’t tried messing with the FPS in Options, try bumping that up to Medium or High. The people who complain about lag after the last patch say that Medium or High settings help.

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Thx for suggestion but i have tried this already. And while it might be a very small improvement it kinda does not solve the issue at all.

I’ll suggest this idea to them, tho I doubt it is the only problem.

If I could, I would honestly give an option to disable all animation. If you are an experienced player, you can see what happens without all the glitter and special effects.

Another idea would be to have options for speed up, like 2x, 3Ă—, 4Ă— or just make it customisable (a bar where the start is 0.5 to 10Ă— speed) in the options.

Both options give the player the freedom of choice imo. This whole animations issue should have been fixed ever since players started disconnecting just to have more time for their turns and we have yet to see any changes towards fixing it.

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Make sure your in game frame rate (click on the little settings wheel and hit options) is set to high. It was a known bug that after Naga patch is set everyones in game frame rate to medium and there was a severe lag for animations, etc. However, after just quickly changing that setting everything goes back to normal. I have been running apm boards without issue since (pirates, nomi, naga, the whole nine)

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ty! i indeed had it set on medium (auto). i will try this.

Yeah, I have a powerhouse for a PC and it lags. It’s definitely not my computer, it’s the server or the code. It feels like the lag you’d get if too many people are playing on 1 server in a game anywhere.

It makes it so you can’t do tons of actions, you have to sort of wait. I wonder if this was done on purpose to stop APM builds who are bypassing animations.

It’s a problem that’s been around basically since BGs started. It’s not too noticeable if you only play a few games at a time. It’s when you play longer that it starts to kick in. There’s a memory leak somewhere in there that they clearly don’t care to fix. Restarting your game fixes it.