The New Mage Quest Is Kinda Underpowered


Not only it takes a lot of time to finish the quest but the reward is kinda trash to be honest. A hero power that gives you a “RANDOM” mage spell. Yes mage spells are great but some are useless like elemental evocation or shatter. Heck! I got shatter twice and then elemental evocation. I think cast 8 spells is better than 10 spells or make the hero power become “DISCOVER” a mage spell. Because sometimes I rather have fireblast hero power to damage the enemy hero or to kill the enemy minion. There’s a lot of time this quest’s hero power is being useless… I don’t care about winning or losing, I play for fun but this quest suck so bad I want to cry


It’s absolute rubbish. Good thing Mage doesn’t need it right now.


i can agree Q is tras…i only use more 1 spell for cyclon and hope a good hero power draw later when fight going longer…


It’s not worth it. Mage has arguably the best hero power, at least I think is. Wasting a card slot in your opening hand and deck just to have the quest, and even altering your deck to work with it is counterproductive. You’re much better off without it.


Yeah, I got the Mage Q in my pack opening binge and it’s a dud. I’ve tried to make it work in a few deck builds and quite honestly? The only time it’s ever been even remotely useful is as a “throwaway” which you don’t actively try to trigger but just let it passively come along until in the end game it goes off as an afterthought and gives you card generation for free. At that point it isn’t “awful” … but it’s definitely not worth building a deck around it or trying to goose the trigger.


I think you’re right. It’s best having it as a passive goal. Especially since it’s a random spell. There are so many spells. So you’re likely to get something undesirable. Whenever I focused solely on that quest I’ve failed more.

This thread has inspired me to make a deck with it again. lol


Would be overpowered.


well its not really overpowered if it took alooooong time to finish and only rewards with random spells, not very very quick and reward a TON. Im looking at you druid, rogue and shaman mains. Discover is still an RNG “word”. You get to find 3 random cards! it still a rng hero power. Look at hunter’s death knight. It costs 6 mana, Its a board clear, you get 5 armor, use it and you get the awesome reward AND with infinite value “zombeast” hero power. You dont even need to change your deck to 20 useless spells deck. People didnt even consider it overpowered even tho zombeast is really really powerful. ;_;


People very much considered DK Rexxar overpowered.


oof well it didnt get nerf till now so yea it still isnt overpowered? but my point still stands! lol


Doesn’t mean we didn’t ask for it. Just like we’ve complaining about Dr.Boom and we’ve been ignored.


but at least just give the Q an interesting mechanic like all other Qs. Not a downgrade primordial glyph. Wait, to think it again in standard would be very overpowered considering there is tiny amount of mage spells and its very very powerful like power of creation… I played wild alot I’ve forgotten about standard. So yea its overpowered :confused:


I don’t know man. I’m playing warlock so I don’t see any issue with the mage quest.


It is a pretty good and entertaining mission at the end. Do not forget the minion who gives minions after playing spells, if we count all the resources to generate more resources is a lot.

I have the mission in a deck that is focused on generating resources, the way to win is always to play as much as possible in turn at the same time that those things generate others.

If we talk about necessity, it is useful for those long games where you could be behind in resource generation as sometimes happened against Boom or Agatha. Out of that it remains only as an option not required.

If they give any improvement to the mission it would be very strong and unbalanced (remember that in Wild we can use the previous mission).


It isnt the best of quests but I think that since mage already has such powerful decks, somthing as slow as its quest doesnt have much of an impact. If you added this card to the game a couple of metas ago, Im sure it would have been more powerful.


mage Q is tras BUT i tested time to time whit cyclon combo anyways is 1 mana spell …if this Q reward going discover can be good atm not powerfull …whit Q paladin or warrior few time whit Qdruid or Qpriest almost go fatigue so got some extra spell by …at end i can say i am not sure is worth to use compare to all other class Q and is not even “easyer” aktivate


i think it should be discover a mage spell instead of random spell i think itt would make the quest more balanced