The new expansion literally did nothing for me

I logged into duels, then quit before playing 1 match.

I don’t care one lick about the new achievements/reward track system.

Didn’t purchase a single new pack for myself with either gold or real money.

If you want me to come back to hearthstone, change the monetization model. I’m willing to pay less then AAA (60$) for a full expansions worth of cards and modes. I’m not willing to pay $80 for 1 or 2 decks that might interest me just to find out I’d rather play something else.

No more window dressing changes, no more business as usual. New modes and new cards don’t change my disgust at the monetization system.


I have said this before. Anything that a player pays in this game should be considered an extra. The full experience of HS (or TCGs) is to grow over time, make a collection and focus in the decks that each of us like. And we can get that for free. So again, any pay is an extra and not something that should guarantee us a full expereience, because the full experience is there for free.

If you want to have every single card in the first day of each expancion, then sorry, but thats not the point of the game. So either stop playing because this isnt for you, or put way more money (which i wouldnt recomend if you are not earning money from the game).

That’s merely an opinion that the point is to grow over time. The way I see it, the point is try out a lot of cards and adjust your strategy to your opponents. You can’t do that if it takes you a couple months to build one deck you like.

And no, it’s not free. It takes significant time to grind up the gold to get the cards you want, if you don’t want to pay money. You’re probably playing very, very bad decks for quite a while to get a decent one. And all the while you’re in likelihood facing off against people who are using the cards you want to play as, an insult to the injury.

Maybe playing a ccg isn’t for you? Part of the charm (for people who like that sort of thing) of these games is COLLECTING the cards.

What game would better suit my tastes then? Is there a game where you pay a one time reasonable fee (less then $60) to get a full collection of cards to play against other people with?

I am a free to play player. And since a long time I have had a decent collection, especially for hunter (which is my favorite class). With every expansion I just need to dust a couple of things that i dont like, craft other ones that I like, and I am ready to go at least with 3 classes.

I really liked Faeria when it was free to play. Now it is a paid game, I think you get every card, so it might be for you.


I feel for you!
But as long as there are stupid whales and fanboys who defend this disgusting monetization system, which by the way aims in a predatorial way at children, there will be no change.

“Ask not what new expansion can do for you, ask what you can do for new expansion.”

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Even if the charm is collecting the cards (which I don’t necessarily agree with, butfor sake of argument let’s assume it’s true), why does it have to cost so much money if you want all the cards?

one day this game will say its no longer making enough money and they will stop the servers

unlike RL TCG, there is no lasting value to a hearthstone collection

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Yeah… That’s something that everybody should know when buying digital perks for a game.

I was mostly f2p since before the original release, and I stop playing for long periods of time. I would occasionally buy something cheap, like the new player packs when they offered those. Recently I started playing again, and Warlock has always been my favorite class to play. So I bought the expansion set for once, got my first alternate art that wasn’t free for a hero. I had really enjoyed the scholomance expansion so far. I did not know that this Old Gods expansions was only like a third of an expansion, that I wouldn’t definitely be able to get an Old God legendary, and that they were also making these radical changes to the game. I was completely rooked by Blizzard.

I still play Diablo 3 all the time, but I will definitely, absolutely remember this experience. I was probably going to be in the early purchase category for Diablo 4, but now I will not trust them at all, and I will wait to see what happens. Blizzard cannot be trusted any longer, and is now in the hall of fame of companies who’ve not valued the customers they have at the level those customers like to play. Such as EA, Bethesda (Fallout76 anyone?), all those companies that began this horrible trend of getting people to prepay for stuff that ends up being crap. Good work Blizzard, on destroying your decent reputation and joining all the others that have ruined their own player base this way.

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That’s great if you’re happy with being able to field only 3 decks. For a lot of people though the fun of card games is being able to play a variety of decks… even if they aren’t good. In
digital card games all the cards have the same cost, even if they don’t have the same actual power/usefulness in the game. Add on top that Blizzard has greatly increased the number of legendary cards that come out each expansion/year compared to the games early days.

I played Magic Arena for a few months starting this past July and awhile its also a relatively expensive game… the wildcard system they have is way better than the Hearthstone dust system. I had a number of decks that were cat themed, ooze themed, or that had some silly win condition that was hard to pull off. Assuming I spent the same amount of money in Hearthstone I likely wouldn’t have had any “fun” decks because the dust cost of cards astronomical.

Hearthstone has an antiquated dust system, more and more cards releasing each year, and an in-game gold earning rate that just hasn’t kept up with the rate that cards are released. The Battlepass itself is just Blizzard trying to paper over the fact that their game has steadily become more and more of a bad time (gold) or money investment for players.

so you are saying that you dont want to pay for the game and isnt currently paying for it, a model that by the way is standard for card games, and is demanding that blizzard changes the system or they lose you as a customer? do you realise the irony in that?

I got two but who cares? They’re painful to play atm.

The model may be standard for card games; but digital card games give horrendously bad value to their players for their money. You can buy at least 2-3 full priced $60-$80 games for the same amount of money it takes to pull 80-90% of a Hearthstone expansion from packs.

Its hard for a lot of people to even consider giving Blizzard money when the value you get for your money is so poor. Hearthstone is simply overpriced and the Battlepass has helped to highlight that fact.

then you havent opened physical card games. some forum members have proudly stated before that “you can sell the cards” in physical card games which misses a large portion of the situation. take for example yugioh: a box contains 24 packs and costs $60-80 in stores. in those packs there are 2 secret rares out of 10 different. 2 out of these 10 secret rares have a value approx equal to the price of a box, a few cards has a value around $20, the rest of the cards often have very limited value. the expensive cards are the good cards because otherwise they wouldnt be expensive, and the average value of a box is less than what you bought the box for - you need to pull a few specific cards to even break even. to pull 3 of every card, and especially every good card, you will need to open 15 boxes ~ approx $900-1200 and you dont have the option of crafting the cards.

so hearthstone is actually way better when it comes to packs than physical card games

I meant, at least 3 decks at the start of each expansion. Normally I end the expansion with a deck for almost every class, and sometimes I end with more than one deck for my favorite classes. And those decks include, meta decks, personal creations and meme stuff.

Obviously it would be better if we were able to create more decks, more fast. But the experience that i have had from the start of HS has been a good one and it still will be.

Except this isn’t a physical card game… there’s no printing costs, no distribution network upkeep and fees, and no storage costs.

The production process for Hearthstone is a pittance compared to large AAA games like Cyberpunk. There’s not any justification for the cost of digital card games.

Also, part of the cost of physical card games. Particularly sets that end up costing a lot has to do with the collectibility and gambling for resellable expensive cards that digital card games don’t possess either.

You seem to forget that Konami don’t really make barely any profit by priting such cards, except if we talk about collectors with a too big income.