The lack of 10 cost cards

Ashes of outland had only 1 10 cost card, this expansion only has 1. I don’t ask that they give us 9 or 10, but atleast a few more. Those cards can be build around that don’t have to be T1 or T2.
This 10 cost for druid is just that, it’s a shame only druid got one.

When you die before turn 7/8 most endgame drops need to be at least a bit flexible or win the game or clear the board or create a taunt wall to win. Like Guldans and nzoth and an amazing Reno. As far as it goes 7 and 8 drops tend to be the biggest you can run and still hero power with. Dq A is pretty much a big 9/10 drop.

Stacking instantly winning neutral 10 drops could get kinda broken though since only druid can ramp to play 10 drops on your t4 and any neutral 10 drop minion worth using could be chained for 1 Mana with them.

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A lot of T10 card are dead draw. Like, look at moon colossus, its an incredibly difficult card to deal with once on the board, but what deck runs it?
I remember when DQA was out, at DoD release, I used to play hightlander a lot and because aggro deck were so strong (Pirate war, hunter etc), you just couldn’t get to turn 9 and you would die if you dropped DQA which is an extremly strong card. A T10 card is even most costly, so its better have a game winning effect if you want to run it.

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Big shaman run colosus of the moon

You can’t look solely at a card’s man’s cost. You have to look at what turn it gets played on. Most 10 cost cards are turn 10 options. Putting them in a deck is often a death sentence, at least in this meta.

Survival of the Fittest is actually a turn 7-ish card, so it makes sense to print it.

Isn’t big Shaman kind of a meme deck at the moment?

Its kinda good . I reached d4 with it

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10-drops will see more play if Commencement / Duel paladin becomes a thing. But, then again, they’re no longer turn 10 cards.

Well done. Always cool to see some fresh stuff in the meta !

Yeah but that’s another thing, they don’t win by holding them to play on t10, they only win by cheating them out of hand t4 and muck Morphers to play those 14/14 cards for 4-6 Mana, which brings up a further point. Any good balanced but worth running 10 drop would have to be inherantly unbalanced or require early game deck building like cthun and/or be battle cry to prevent instantly winning the game from cheating. A 10/10 with say charge and reborn would either never see play or completely break the game cheated for 4 / 1 Mana.


They don’t have to be I play this I win cards. Cards like the old gods are a very good example, build around cards that offer really good value (n’zoth) or a card you build up to win with (c’thun). Whisper of the old gods is still the best expansion yet in my opinion.
It doesn’t matter if the meta is too fast for them, not all the cards have to be a must include in new decks, from the 135 cards some are filler anyway.