The game really just sucks right now

And it isn’t just one mode. I tried to play the last two days and I legit don’t care. At all. I played three games of standard this morning for my quest and just logged. Not even going to try to play the BGs today.

I was already over standard, but the buddies update sucked all the fun out of that mode. The highroll heroes make the game mode unplayable awful for everyone who didn’t roll into one of those on the selection screen.

That’s how the game feels right now - outside of something odd, you know who wins on the hero selection/mulligan screens. Maybe everyone likes that, but I don’t.

I don’t see the new cards fixing any of that. I don’t even blizzard sees buddies as a problem, tbh. The four hero paywall is a huge BG issue in a meta where hero selection is the difference between winning and dying before turn 10, and that’s where it is in the mode atm.


I’m sorry to hear you feel this way. I am struggling too… All I can say is, and this is cliché, wait until the next expansion drops and see how you feel about it. And remember, it’s always okay to stop playing. For many players, Hearthstone has become something it was not when they started playing. It’s completely understandable if the game is no longer for you.


These buddies so badly executed. Why does it always seem like blizz is overcompensating by making things OTT.

Ooo Im a superhero manager hero so i can sign anybuddy i want. - HeartSTONED. still dont like him lol. I think im a loyal lazy mutanus fan.

i want grogu… hurry up disney…

I spent $11.99 CDN on an impromptu Bioshock trio which was on sale in the x box store. All 3 bioshock games updated and additional content.
I’m going to get lots of enjoyment out of these and it will be fun to replay these after many years. It was that or like 3 packs from the shop……and feeling very similar to the way you do, it was an easy choice.


Its a lot more balanced now.

Though blizzard,for some reason that has absolutely nothing to do by beeing able to give players a huge advantage,has at the same time introduced another op buddie.

I dunno i like the game now.

But i dont understand why blizzard had to put in something else that is well above the curve.
Its such a generic dumb buddie as well. It just gives gold,not new ways to play.

Like wth. What is the idea behind introducing these op things. It serves no function and hooktusk was not even the weakest hero yet others remain untouched.

Hooktusk doesnt really bother me but the idea behind it does. The patch was great but they just couldnt resist adding something new op to hand out wins to players.
I dont like this design at all,it makes me think of standard to much.

Maybe its time for a break from BG again. Just quit before blizzard can start grieving again.

This one buff ruines the whole patch. It shows the op things before the patch where not a mistake. They where deliberate.

Its a huge relieve actually,to stop playing.

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Yup. But it’s had a good run. It’s not like every game can be fun forever.


I came back after taking the past two weeks off for D4 and after two games I’m out. Going to take a huge break from the game since it just isn’t fun anymore. The high-rolling is just too much for me and I am done with a game that is so badly made.

D4 is such a great game and I had SO much fun playing it that coming back here to play HS made it very clear for me that it’s not worth the time.


And thats why its boring and sucks…

I’m feeling the same way.

It’s a combination of things like increased monetization, unchecked power creep, what they to HS eSports (I’ll be surprised if it lasts beyond maybe 2024), the china servers and the increase price for packs for other countries. (If I’m missing something let me know)

I haven’t even played enough games to maintain my star bonus this month.

I’ve been playing older games on My Steam Deck waaaay more often than I’ve touched HS and having far more fun, and I also haven’t pre-ordered the new expansion, which is something I’ve done by now.

The other day I was thinking if this was the Blizz it used to be, we would probably have a whole updated game by now. New attack animations, for example, other than rise, hit and drop again. The way cards leave the hand, revealed to the opponent, the way non-leggo minions enter the board etc. It’s a card game, I know, but Blizz used to find the stuff nobody thought they wanted until they put it in the game. All that effort turned into monetizing the game.

Finally, there have been other tweets that have bothered me, but Cora’s most recent (sorry, I don’t know how to link) bothered me quite a bit. Tl;dr they know Warrior sucks but we should expect better this coming year! So friggin’ tired of that being the go to. So, Warrior mains (I’m not one) or people wanting to play something different with the class have to wait for ANOTHER expansion release to enjoy it again? Sorry, but this excuse is just old and dead. If it’s not good now, you know it, just make it good now. Adjust the cards, and when the next expansion drops, adjust them back.


You can’t link to it anymore. Cora deleted the tweet because she “didn’t want it to be used in a narrative”.


Cora is as bad as the rest of them.
How she can keep a straight face while flogging this slop is beyond me.
Must be her superpower. No way I would pretend this crap is worth paying for.


I agree with you. I cant play standard. I just get steamrolled by aggro DK or implock.

The joy of control is gone.

I am still here just for the new expension being music theme. I am curious about artwork, music, voicelines and flavor texts.

Currently I got sick of meta that you get hammered down or hammer your opponent down with a single card in a single turn.

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This game has been a terrible unbalanced mess for years, people are just starting to figure it out now. Blizzard kept printing stronger and stronger cards to force pack sales that they have backed themselves into a corner and completely destroyed Wild. If they don’t keep printing broken cards, sales will tank. If they keep printing broken cards, the game keeps getting faster and faster. Games are decided usually by turn 4 due to power creep and there is nothing they can do about it.

Cora is the senior game designer for current team 5, she is mostly responsible for the recent mess of cards and balance issues because all these cards have to go through her before they can be released. This is what happens when you put ex-players in charge of designing cards.

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Just came back after a long hiatus and played one match and realized why I stopped playing. Needless to say it is no long on my drive anymore.

buddies ? the buddies arent on BG right now is impossible for you to “come back” and paly with budies now

He necroed a half a year old thread.