The Dalaran Heist


Like Dark Souls? And Sekiro?


The worlds aren’t randomly generated for those, but games of that style are often called “Souls-like” due to a resemblance to Dark Souls. Bloodborne fits that category too


I’ve never played Dark Souls; only heard of it…I have seen the term “rogue” in some of the games in the play store. Like a dungeon crawler, except you die and lose all your stuff.


Pretty much. For example, Wizard of Legend is a dungeon crawler where you can take four spells and a relic in with you. You find/buy more spells and relics and you’ve got to fight through 9 stages with 3 bosses plus a final boss to finish the run with just what you started with and what you found.

If you die, you go back to town with a secondary currency (found in the dungeon) you can use to buy more, stronger spells and relics so you can start with them and find them in future runs.

The replayability is the main selling point because the game itself is very short. You’re not supposed to win immediately and probably won’t for several runs, but you get closer each time and no two runs are the same. I can’t guarantee I’ll get to play a Claw build in Slay the Spire because the necessary cards just might not appear for me, so I’ve got to recognize potential builds early and go from there. For example if I’m given an early Blizzard I want to start drafting cards for a Frost build or if the first boss offers Snecko Eye, I should consider a high cost build.

Bad runs can feel really bad though, and 20xx initially put me off because I struggled to get to the first boss, but I got the hang of it and finished my first run a week ago.

Like I said, this style of game is not for everyone and if you don’t enjoy it that’s completely okay, but this might be why you’re not a big fan of the Dungeon Run style modes


In your example, you can go to the shop and buy stuff to help you.

In the dungeon runs there is no help. No save points, no switching out cards. You pick your bucket and face your hard counter.

Every boss is different so the boss you strategize for isn’t going to be the one you’re going to get…and there goes your strategy.

Just keep trying until you get lucky…and thats it. Nothing less, nothing more. I read the buckets. I synergize the best I can. But I’m always countered. Hard. By a boss I haven’t seen before. How many mf’ing bosses did they put in there???

8 wasn’t enough??? How am I supposed to build one deck that can beat them all??

It doesn’t make any sense. I’ve tried to wrap my head around it, but I don’t get it…


Right, that’s what I’m saying, the current ones have only kind of fit the model because there’s no upgrading. Heist will apparently have the ability to unlock other things to use in the mode though, which soulful mean it actually properly fits the genre


From the sound of it, Dalaran Heist lets you switch out cards via the Innkeeper. No save points, except I guess that this adventure is five wings and you can win the wings independently (though Monster Hunt kinda did that too).

Regardless, I enjoy the dungeon runs and I’m looking forward to this one. And Blizzard knows how often people play them, and they must like what they see given how hard they’re leaning in to dungeon runs in the Year of the Dragon…


I hope this thing came out when I’ll be home after work today :open_mouth:


My main beef with applying the Roguelike model to HS is the relevant RNG aspect of the game.
It is par for the course that you could get into an unwinnable game through bad draws, bad matchup, god draws for you opponent or a combination thereof. That is just the cost of doing business for card games.

When you are however told to win eight games in a row, with the first 3-4 being very easy, I personally stop finding it fun. To use the Dark Souls analogy, you can often pinpoint “what you did wrong” when you die, or how to “git gud”. You never die because you randomly stopped being able to dodge.

My main hope is that they’ll at least try to mitigate this aspect for TDH.


Yes! That is what I was trying to say. Thank you! At the very least, show me the bosses I could get at each stage. I don’t need to see their decks. Just the name and the hero power. Give me an idea of what I am up against.


Is this about Republicans?


Rogue (the game) was an ca. 1980 random level generation mode topdown dungeon crawler with VERY limited graphics - ASCII symbols for walls and creatures, to be precise. It tried to recreate a single player pen & paper adventure on Unix main frames of the time. The ultimate goal is to reach bottom level, grab the fabled “amulet of yendor” and ascend back to top. Later versions had more sophisticated graphics (well, compared to ascii symbols at least) while keeping the style the same.
There are a lot of clones for various computers and a multitude of operation systems - “Nethack” is one of the more popular ones.

the internetz ://


just beat both wings first try,
almost had me worried, but really no problem at all…

didn’t try heroic yet… the heoirc card back isn’t even that great

im just glad I opened boom reaver from some packs.

probably never using the gold leggo.


Eh! Not really a fan of solo content, can feel like hard work sometimes, but I really want the new Whizzbang card (much to my surprise I actually love the original Whizzbang) so looks like I will have to slog through this.

Will make some Chamomile tea and think of fluffy kittens and hope the rng doesn’t enrage me too much!


The new card can either be crafted with 1600 dust or gotten in gold version when all wings have been purchased.

So technically as long as you fork out the gold/cash/dust you don’t need to actually complete the content, that “only” awards packs and cardbacks.


You just summarised it perfectly.

One run was enough to see that it is just previous content reskinned, at it’s heart it is just more stupid OP AI versus your random, underpowered and inappropriate deck.

I doubt I can justify getting it with gold unless the other chapters are different and it is woeful that this and the main game are all they can come up with, but then if it sells - why not?

It is obvious who the core demographic is - based on sales statistics that we will never see - and other than ‘likes the card art and audio’ I don’t belong in any one of them.


Don’t tell me you actually lost a non-heroic run. Actually do, because it would be hilarious.


Well the demographic sure isn’t people who are that bad at completing the content on non heroic mode lol

Do you prefer playing against the inn keeper in practice?


I haven’t even beaten the first chapter yet…on normal soo…


By my rough calculations, if you enjoy the solo content at all, it’s worth buying in gold–the 12 RoS packs plus the dust value of (1 gold standard pack + 1 gold Zayle) is worth more than the 28 packs you could buy with that much gold. (Assuming you want RoS packs.)

But if you don’t like solo content at all, nah, probably not worth it. Buy the packs and be well. If you change your mind in a year, they’ll be happy to take your gold then!