The Dalaran Heist is too expensive


Wow, that’s a lot of math and words dedicated to this. I’m going to share a few thoughts.

We pay for this with money or gold for a few reasons (vs it being free)

  1. This includes more packs and rewards (2 cardbacks, 15 packs, Golden Classic Pack, Golden Legendary) vs just a cardback or hero skin. Arguably the value for money is good. The value for gold is also good IF you value the single player experience and not just packs. If you don’t want the content and you only want packs, yes this is not the place to spend your gold.

  2. While you might think it is just the same content again…in fact this took a ton of developer and testing time. If there isn’t any profit from their labor, there is no reason to make any kind of single player content in the future.

  3. More about the content…there is a significant amount of it compared to previous dungeon runs / brawls. There are some players who ONLY play single player content and casual mode.

so this isn’t Blizzard being full of greed…It’s blizzard making sure that there is some return on investment (labor, dev time, testing, marketing, etc) for creating this content for players. You are not forced to buy it with real money…nor are you forced to buy it with gold (Which is a completely free way to get this content).

Ultimately, I’m happy with my decision to pay money for this. I’ve already gotten hours of fun out of it and look forward to enjoying it for the next month at least when I’m not grinding ladder or arena. If you aren’t into it…that’s fine too :slight_smile:


You’ll have to wait for it a bit longer :smiley: I want to take time to address all the points, and I’ve had a busy week.

I agree with that so much, it always frustrates me a when a good company that got successful by being unique and finding their own niche lets a money guy tell them how to “increase profits” and turns them into just another generic company in the process (and often decreases their profits instead of increasing them).

  1. So 13 less than you’d usually get for spending the same amount on gold on packs, while you get the same number of packs you’d get normally if you spend money on the adventure instead.
  1. Not really high tier decks. You have a strictly worse Tempo Rogue, a much worse Control-ish Warrior that will lose every Control Warrior matchup besides, a bad Warlock list, terrible Shaman list and a terrible Priest list. You can make a hunter deck better than any of the decks in the list for 1000 dust total. It’s not even a good card for begginers, the only one that will somewhat benefit from it is someone who has a really really tiny collection for some reason, and even they would be better served getting 13 more packs instead.
  1. That’s like a day of development for one artist total, and 99% of players don’t care about card backs (just in my opinion, I could be wrong, but I really don’t know anyone that cares about generic “beat this content to get it” card backs).
  1. 5 wings that are basically reprint of older adventures. The replayability is nice, but that’s about the only thing really good about this offer.

I never said it should be free though :smiley: I get that they have to monetize their content in one way or another, but I don’t think it’s justifiable to:

  1. Charge free2play players double the amount (by using the standard conversion rates) for the same content

  2. Give players half the dust value of any expansion in the past that had the same gold and money cost

Of course it did. But it definitely took them less time than developing Dungeon Run did (since they also had to develop the mechanics, cards, heroes etc. there, but they had start from scratch, and also had to code everything for it), and it definitely took less development time than old . So we get back to my whole point, why are we getting the same (or even lower) amount of content but being charged AT LEAST double of what any past adventure cost in terms of gold to dust value? Again, my issue isn’t that it’s not free, it’s just not priced correctly.


let me post what I posted on the past forum over the heist value.

with what logic would state.

7$ per a wing is 500G in rough, but your paying abit extra gold for the content itself also in gold as it’ll always be unlocked.

you are paying abit extra for the content. Gold get inflated the longer the game stays , so gold prices will always be abit more.

Also you’ll eventually be allow to dust him, it been like this with allot of other cards that weren’t allow to be dust, but later it will be. And while you say the “free card” isn’t worth it, in casual it is very much worth it over the decks you would have to invest gold/packs into to craft some of them for their dust worth. And in the future there may be more EVIL decks, or the decklist get updated to be better.

The price is fine, the fact you get the 1st wing free is where you’re already profiting from the adventure even if you don’t do it.

Later down the road when new players come, tell them buy the adventure > packs also would become the best case - You get the same amount of dust worth if not more overall, and get more decks worth out the end gold by casual means who aren’t grinding the game to max out gold everyday.

Unlock remaining wings only $14.99?

I didn’t say these decks are meta defining, I’m saying that all decks included in Shadow Cloak are very well put together decks. Leave your preference at the door, this is strictly on what each deck is capable of. All are good quality decks for players who can’t buy tons of packs.

15 packs is the exact same price as the adventure, BTW. So you’re getting yourself 15 packs, plus the two card backs, plus a golden pack. Great deal, great value, and overall great single player experience.


I am fine with the price tag on Dalaran Heist. The pricing of solo adventures is too much of an internal issue to have a strong opinion either way. If you are familiar with my posts, then you know that I do not give Hearthstone or Blizzard slack with critiques. I am always skeptical about the motives and sincerity of any profiteering organization. Regardless, capitalism requires use of capitalist means to survive. It is their product, their pricing preference.

Old paid adventures being a better deal is correct, but what does that have to do with now? We have been in this new development plan for a couple years. Signals interpreted from our consumer behavior is all that matters now. This game, us, our discretionary money, is all on a comparison chart somewhere as an aid for predicting how next to profit. At the end of the day we live with our choices, and we all have different goals.