The Dalaran Heist - Bugged Menu


After losing in my first attempt through the initial wing of the new solo adventure, I started up a new run using the Shaman class. During my first game, the app crashed. When I reopened it, the adventure menu brought me a version of the run menu screen without the hero portrait, on which the game freezes if you click play. It has this same issue for me on both my iPhone XS and my desktop client.

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Bug when trying to continue a Dalaran Heist Run

I am having the same bug, Android OS and desktop client


Same here. I can go back, view deck, and hero powers. Nothing happens when i click play. Even did a full unistall. Same issue. The challenge does the draw animation and sound. But cant play, retire the deck, or see portrait.


Device is an android.


same here hope they fix this stupid bug,cant play heroic aventure


found any fix yet for this annoying bug?


Glad im not the only one experiencing this. Cant even start my heroic adventure


same here, iphone xs and win10, both stuck, cant play the adventure and this way, I cant even buy the second chapter…


Same issue, Android 9 / Windows 7. Reported at link below with more info (before I realized I was also not showing hero portrait, as described in OP above).


Poking around, I see the following in /Hearthstone/Logs/Adventures.log

No WingDbfRecord found for ScenarioDbid 0!
Attempting to start a game with class INVALID, but no Adventurer found of that class!


Thank you all for the reports. We’ve been actively investigating this issue. Thank you for your patience while we work towards a solution.


i have the same issue


During my first game in heroic mode, the app crashed. When I reopened it, the adventure menu brought me a version of the run menu screen , on which the game freezes if you click play, i dont know what to do


I started a run with Shaman but after i selected the hero power the menu showed the enemy as 1/0, black background. I tried pressing play several times, but the game shows me just an error message, asking to try later.


Sorry for almost definitely posting this in the wrong place, but I can’t find how to post a new bug anywhere… I have just rage quit a game on round 2 or 3 after summoning a celestial emissary (your next spell has spell damage +2) followed by an Arcane missiles which only gave 3 damage. I was playing as a mage against the goofy looking version of the warrior hero if that’s any help.


This is pathetic. The menu is bugged and you can not play anything at all. Nothing happends. You pay for their product and it’s not working. Blizzard small indie company.


UPDATE: This bug has now extended itself to Rumble Run in addition to Dalaran Heist. The application full on crashes when I open Rumble Run now.


Same Issue. Please fix


i just want to report that the game crash on my 1st try with the fire element where u are on the mage dude that summon random class secret in game and it cant move even when i click end turn. and i hope i never have to come back here just add a report game bug in the dam game gee so it can send u guys a copy of what happen and why it crash my god like come on some of don’t like the run around


this bug was reported before the release of DH single player , is caused by new feature that try to save the progress of the runs mid game , in the past if you disconnect or crash during a run the game was lost and so the run.
So is possible this bug can be present in all the single players adventures , if people are unluck a bad save is “created” and from there the game fails to resume.