The Caverns Below Revisited

So, again we have a new class that has got the quest, and the reward for that quest reads: WIN THE GAME. Of course, it is the infamous rogue, best known as one of the most cheaterous class in the entire game alongside hunters. The question I am asking is: Is the Rogue quest REALLY a quest if it can be done as soon as turn 3 if you get the right mulligan, and as late as turn 6 if not? And should it be nerfed? Of course, rogue players will not be taken seriously.




The first 3 letters of your nick are quite descriptive of you.

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quick Q, how u circumvent the 20 char rule?

Exactly my thoughts. Might aswell bring some form of productive discussion out of this troll thread.

HTML tags count towards the character count. This means you can use formatting tags like <b></b> or <strike></strike> to hit the minimum count. Without any text within the tags, their effects don’t actually show up.

Now go forth, and use this power for good.



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It’s better on the German forum: the manager there decided, we don’t need the 20 character rule.

How, exactly, does unlocking a 3/2 weapon win the game?

Now I know why people want rank to be shown on this forum.

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Here’s how it works. You have to be really bad at the game to start with. I mean really bad. Then you queue up for a game. Your opponent does some stuff and wins (because, remember, you’re really really bad at hearthstone). Then, you ignore the fact that you are really really bad at the game and you complain about the stuff your opponent did.

Simple really.


I get that but you do realize there’s plenty of people like me that hang between 15-20 rank because they simply don’t care or don’t have the time to climb?
Heck, there might be even players forever 25 because they only play arena and are actually quite good at that.

Of course! So simple I totally missed it. Thanks for clearing it up. I will be certain to lose to the next rogue that plays the Quest now that I know how it works.

I have about five different caverns below decks. I can tell you right now sometimes you don’t get the quest until turn ten. You should play the class yourself and you’d know that.

I’m glad you came to this 3 month old thread to argue without even fully reading the opening comment, since OP is complaining about the new Rogue quest (which sucks) and not Caverns Below at all.


I actually realized immediately after posting and tried to delete the comment multiple times. If sarcasm and snide behavior makes you happy that’s perfectly okay. Everyone has a voice in this community. But in addition to this thread the new quest rogue sucks hard eggs. Don’t bother replying unless you have something constructive to add. Nothing personal I just don’t like dealing with idiots.