The Bots and RNG in this game


Okay game. Played for awhile and it was decent however, if the new bots that Blizzard has added to this game continues, then the love is gone. Random players that have “exactly” the right card at the right time.

I took a three year break because the lack of originality leads to only “META” standard decks. After a few rounds of zero originality, I find the lack of creativity an issue.

New cards come out and this company does not care if their game is ran into the ground by overpowered meta decks. As long as you spend money.

The next issue is the complete lack of RNG. You start winning and then suddenly the two cards you need are bottom stacked in your deck. Almost as if the game knows prior to whether or not you are going to win. I mean really? A game winning card is “ONLY” ever pulled in late game? Give me a break.

This needs to get fixed.

I dunno though. Maybe just a rant lol.


I don’t understand why people think that most of their opponents are “bots”.

You clearly don’t understand …

Yes, it’s just a rant, & like most rants it enters “tin foil hat” territory, or is simply paranoid.

Surely, no one imagines that people actually enjoy reading this nonsense. I’m sick of these Posts polluting the forum.

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Just because someone has a suspect username doesn’t mean they’re botting.
I’ve run into a lot of people with random hindu 2 letter names in NA.
Doesn’t mean they’re botting. In fact, I was beaten by a Mine Rogue with one.

If you’re going to complain about cards on the SECOND DAY they’re launched -
I’ll tell you the same thing all the pros are saying such as Banterface and so on -
It’s too early to throw out the word BROKEN and UNHEALTHY FOR COMMUNITY!

It’s an online card game… The only real difference is, you can’t manually stack your
deck and cheat. There has been 50/50 arguments on that in Magic the Gathering
The short answer is, most people believe Mana Shuffling is INDEED CHEATING actually.

It doesn’t need fix, your perception of what you believe is fit for your standards need
fix. Ranting is fine, but understand that you’re making a lot of very aggressive claims.
Claims that just don’t really fully add up if we’re being honest buddy!

Nah there’s definitely bots in the game that just spam the hero power and wait till the timer wears out…and it’s just a continuous cycle and honestly quite annoying.


If a forum is not for discussion then I’m not even sure what it is. Although, I’m also sick of the over exaggerated conspiracy style posts, but only because they invalidate any other discussions we should have about how the RNG is based on mechanics and situations, rather than a roll between 1-100. These “game ALWAYS makes me lose” rants, as if they literally have a 0-1000 win ratio, make people immediately thrash and rage anytime they see a post about the RNG or the mechanics. Like it’s not all based on the idea that Blizzard wants us all to lose all the time lol.

This is not a fact. This is a conspiracy theory. No one has ever demonstrated how it benefits the company to be manipulative, & why they would engage in any nefarious coding behavior that would open them up to ridicule & shame. This nonsense is naive.

These conspiracy theories are an insult to the developers, & the tens of thousands of people who love this game & play it every day.

Confirmation bias is a tendency for people to favor information that confirms their preconceptions. As a result, people recall information from memory selectively, and interpret it in a biased way, in particular for emotionally significant issues and established beliefs. Biased search, interpretation and recall have been invoked to explain Attitude Polarization (disagreeing parties diverging further when they are exposed to the same evidence), Belief Perseverance (beliefs persisting after the evidence for them is shown to be false), the Primacy Effect (data encountered early in a series being given more weight) and Illusory Correlation (people falsely perceiving an association between two events or situations). Explanations for these biases include Wishful Thinking and the limited human capacity to process information. Confirmation biases contribute to overconfidence in personal beliefs and can maintain or strengthen beliefs in the face of contrary evidence. This can lead to disastrous decisions, especially in organizational, military and political contexts …

Excerpt from Wikipedia’s Featured Article for today.

The idea that everything is random is just as much of a conspiracy, when has Blizzard ever said the mechanics are all TRUE RNG? Of course it would benefit them to use mechanics that attempt to level the playing field in this game, because they use them in absolutely every single game they make. I’m not saying the mechanics are inherently nefarious or the coding itself is designed to “f u over” I’m saying the coding is designed to even the battles when too many one-sided RNG rolls occur, or when an obviously overpowered situation is going on.

Also, I’m 150% sure you just made my point. The over-exaggerated “rigged” rants have fully tainted any chance of you considering this is a reasonable conversation.

I truly hope you’re at least capable of realizing this works both ways. Just take a step back, look at it, and go oh.

This simply doesn’t happen.

See above article.

No concern for anything else, just that one statement that continues the image you have already finalized for this subject. Good confirmation bias!

I get the need to have defined rules and regulations that don’t have an opportunity to go up or down without your knowledge, it’s a safe happy place that always gives you a box to drop your woes in. Hating RNG is a lot easier than trying to enjoy a game while also hating parts of the game.

We’ve seen all of this throughout the entire history of WOW, we’ve seen it in Diablo 3, and if anything Diablo Immortal just reinforces all of this, but without the ability to see that it’s just a game that does some stuff and a lot of people hate it.

You can’t see how forcing losses to encourage people to spend money on better cards to try to offset the difficulty could be beneficial to a company? Really?

It worked for candy crush

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The fanboys of this scam game will say there´s no bots in this game. They will also say that the matchmaking is made by “skill” and not by the deck you are playing. Just uninstall like me.

I think this is actually true. I don’t know why or how it could be this way, but I see some of the most absurd “randoms” I’ve ever seen in this game, completely defying probability for mere possibility much more than what is probable for basic mathematical calculations.

I would also go further to say that not only is the matchmaking made by the deck you are playing, also that the arrangement of your cards you draw outside of Dredge and drawn cards is arranged by what cards the opponent is holding. It’s a strange concept, but I think it’s actually all true.

I’m sick of these posts that say they’re sick of these Posts polluting the forum like they aren’t polluting the forum too to make others like myself pollute the forum with them. Do you see what positive example you set?

They are not forcing losses.

This is tin-foil hat nonsense.

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