The Battle for Alterac Valley in Review

The Battle for Alterac Valley in Review

Take a closer look at the Battle for Alterac Valley event.

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Id like the feds to take a look at the code but yer all related.

Hey Blizzard, why does Horde automatically end up with both legendaries after losing, and Alliance still has to complete the honor track to get Drek’thar?


Despite at that fact, that I played for the Horde, I want to congratulate Alliance players!!! :fireworks:

Honestly, I really wanted to see Horde as a winner, but unfortunately Horde lost this battle… :boom:

Alliance players demonstrated really good results!!! It was a hard work and difficult way to the victory… But they overcame all obstacles and climbed at the top… They won the battle for Alterac Valley and they can be proud of this victory!!! :star:

But Horde players should not lose heart!!! They must hope that in the future in next battle they will win surely!!! :snowman_with_snow:


It was well fought players of the Horde. Despite the massive outnumbering, you guys were putting in major work. In wild, I didn’t encounter many Horde people, but when I did it was good to have a worthy matchup.

The number of Alliance members were just a major deciding factor this time. For the Alliance and for the Horde, well played to all!


So, taking a view at the numbers… The grand whopping total of honor earned at about, 8b, is about enough for 1m players to complete the track.

If only about 10% from the article completed the track, does that mean hearthstone has 10m played accounts compete in honor related events?

Not exactly, you might find that the mean is just below the threshold. I got to Lieutenant Commander, I’m sure that is more than half way but I’m not really sure. It might mean it’s closer to 2m played accounts given the data and maybe half of these are people playing across multiple accounts or servers. Given that 80-90% of the player base is on the Chinese server I think it’s almost time they start merging some of the smaller servers.

Congrats to the Alliance!

Im looking forward to more similar events in the future. Next time the horde will rise!

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I honestly thought Hoard was going win cause it’s hero card (Yes it’s a Minion but I meant the faction leaders) fitted so many decks, I picked Alliance cause of the fact, and was like “cool I’ll get a free legendary most likely” - now that not the case, and I don’t know how I should feel tbh…

Dear Blizzard team! :stars:

It was a really amazing idea to make a competition between Alliance and Horde players!!! And it will be great if in the future we can participate in competitions like this battle!!! :+1:

  1. The game became very hot, more exciting, more breathtaking, more dynamic, more intriguing!!! :star:
  2. Each turn players made more advisedly and distinctly, because every player wanted to bring more honor points for his faction!!! :star2:
  3. Great opportunity to get an additional diamond card in collection!!! :dizzy:

For me it was the best time, because I could fight for my faction, earn honor and feel the pride for all players, who fight at my side and wanted to bring the victory!!! And I want to offer one interesting idea for the future (next card expansion)!!! :fire:

  1. If the next card expansion will be about Shadowlands, players could choose the covenant from four: Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald and Revendreth… :ghost:
  2. Add in the game new properties: :comet:
  • Renown (for each game players could earn points like we earned honor and rise their rank or title… It could give some useful bonuses in game)…
  • Anima storage level (also for each game)…
  1. Players could get in their collection one golden card: :sparkles:
  • Steward Mikanikos from Bastion…
  • Baroness Draka from Maldraxxus…
  • Winter Queen from Ardenweald…
  • Stoneborn General Draven from Revendreth…
  1. In the end of event players could get one diamond card for the victory… :v:
  2. Add in game more achievements (also for heroes collection, in this case more players will buy cosmetic skins)… :100:

Wish You to stay healthy, good luck in work and many new interesting ideas like stars in the sky!!! :milky_way:


For the alliance all the way - stormwind theme starts playing.

I don’t get the spirit of the event.

Horde players, alliance players… we all know that in the end of the day they both shared the same decks and the actual leader cards weren’t crucial for the event :joy:

This is all good and fine, but are the developers aware of the state of the metagame? Have they read the vS reports and listened to the podcasts? Have they looked at the HSReplay data? Have they heard the pros, streamers, and content creators screaming for weeks now about how 9 of the 10 classes are obsolete at higher levels of play and how Rogue is choking all diversity and innovation out of the game?

For the developers to be waxing poetic about the Horde vs Alliance when they haven’t even made a single statement acknowledging what is possibly the most broken and lopsided meta of all time, or providing any information about the next round of balance changes, just gives the impression that their priorities are totally out of touch.

vS stated in their podcast today that Team 5 is aware of the broken state of the Standard format but that technical limitations have prevented them from releasing a balance patch. Why are we hearing about this from 3rd party content creators??? Where is the official PR team??? For Blizzard to remain silent while the meta becomes more and more homogeneous by the day is just perplexing.

Please fix your game. It’s hard to care about things like the outcome of The Battle for Alterac Valley when the game itself is borderline unplayable for anybody above gold league.

See I thought the event would mean mainly the cards used, then the points as 2nd, but as I said , so many deck favor the horde , I was sure it was going win tbh.

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According to the article, that would be Americas & APAC:

The China region was the largest in terms of players and Honor for both factions, followed by EU, Americas, and then APAC.

But they’ve frequently stated that they don’t want to merge the regions (or collections for regions).