The Azerite Snake

A 4 mana 5/5.

With the upside to deal 10 damage and increase own max hp.

And the potential for an unavoidable 2 turn kill.

Powercreep sure has come a long way.

It’s fine to have a problem for every solution but the majority of those who are complaining aren’t actually trying anything, just admitting defeat mere hours into the expansion.

Its also fine to point at 6 mana imaginary solutions as a fix to powercreep issues and pretend the card isnt out of line. You can also pretent objection is a counter for mage and assume every player is braindead and never play around it. But its not the case. Snake can be aquired by turn 6 and bounced. You dont have time to mess about fishing with rats and ID thefts.

Azerite Snake being a wincon is one thing. The excavate cards themselves seem a little too good on paper for their reward. 4 mana yeti + taunt + excavate? At best this should be a 3/5, not 4/5, but power creep demands we +1 things right?

Then you take that power creep issue, and you look at Smokestack. 1 damage, excavate if you kill a minion. A card NOT power crept. What did everyone do? Complain this just isn’t good enough.

Now look where we are.


Yes, you can target it, but you will end up with bad cards against others. I added for example silence into my band, but never found it.

  • Well, Renathal means, that if you have class, that has no armor gain (which is many), you never can receive more than 5 to face. Or opponent just needs to use it extra time.
  • Silences can slow it, but you need to find those silences. Which are mostly useless against any other class.
  • Yes, priest has a way.
  • Dirty rat is an option, but the best deck on HSReplay is now running 9 spells. So you are likely not to hit it. And even if you hit it, you need to kill it as they might bounce it.
  • Theotar can do that, yes, but again - you need to hit the card in the hand ,which is usually quite full.
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There are simply some problematic cards in each expansion. The issue is, when the card is win condition, which can be countered only by manipulating your opponent hand or specific cards and if you dont hit it, bad luck (unless you are aggro and kill him before, of course).

From my perspective snake and Odyn are kinda “bad” cards, as they have this kind of lethality, which is unavoidable once they hit the card. You dont have a way to generate HP or kill me early? Bad luck, you lost.

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Never once did this. I’ve said that I am in agreement about the card likely requiring a nerf. I am simply asking players to try before they cry. It’s like everyone has just admitted defeat to this card after making zero to one attempts to counter it.

That’s fine. It’s how metagames work. You tech to increase your chances in some matchups at the expense of others.

I don’t think Excavate Warlock will be tier 0* by any stretch (will be happy to admit if I am wrong about this) but I do expect it will get a “feels nerf” regardless of its power level because it is vexing people.

*At Diamond rank or higher. It may well be overpowered af at low ranks.

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It’s an inherently unhealthy game state if a deck forces you to sacrifice most if not all other matchups to address it, especially in a game where siding isn’t an option. I’ve played enough card games to know that anytime this environment exists it’s super toxic and nobody likes it.

Not saying warlock is there, but the initial impressions are that it might pan out to be. Up to 60 unmitigated damage to the face that prevents lethal and provides big stats for low mana cost is kind of insane.

The meta hasn’t hit it yet, but the new Elemental Shaman can answer Azerite Snake with Cold Storage and playing your own copies of Azerite Snake.

And yes, Ele shaman does main deck cold storage, its not a tech.

Disappears if copied or returned to hand! Poof

i’ve had pretty good luck with a version of secret mage. it counters the snake deck pretty well, and i’ve been able to climb against the other classes with it. i feel it has a ceiling when you get to players that play around secrets better. but it’s been working for me today. also it relies on transforming the deathrattle excavate minion. so, countered as soon as locks start proccing them with spells.

Just crushed 3 excavate warlocks in a row with this. Thanks for the suggestion. Didn’t even need cold storage just tons of board pressure and a wincon with the legendary. The curve is fantastic too. Really easy to pilot.

I just opened the ele leggo in a pack. I need 6 cards (1140 dust) to make this deck.

Till then I’m just walking all over the meta with an not updated pure paladin list because LMAO it still kills on turn 5.

Someone’s not wanting their OPed, unfair, card nerfed. Well, you know it’s going to happen lol so get your cheap wins in now.

It depends on what you mean. One individual player making a hate deck? Sure. The meta in general? Nope. Hard counter decks are simply not the kind of thing that will ever be popular. A lot of people hate them. So there’s never going to be a situation where the presence of hard counter decks saves the meta and prevents a single overpowered deck from overwhelming it.

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Snake counters snake right?

So you just need to run a snake package yourself.
You only need 2 bouncers and the snake to stay out of otk range. The bouncers are a bit of a waste but the snake itself is a decent card in virtually any situation?

If everyone runs the snake package in their deck then warlock cant do much,or wont this work?

Unironically that’s a good addition to what I was just talking about. Why go to the lab to cook up a hard counter deck that’ll hopefully get above a 51% against the big bad and probably lose hard to everything else, when you can low effort netdeck the big bad and get a tautological 50% in the mirror and well over 51% against pretty much everything else? This is why the hate deck never really becomes popular — the mirror is close enough and far easier.

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Not if your opponent plays more snakes than you. I played 2, my opponent plays 4, I lose.

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Poor read. I have not played the deck. I simply want people to put some effort in before screaming for nerfs. We are 24 hours in. If you’re not willing to try stuff, let other people.

Have we even established that the deck needs to be hard countered to be beaten or is the player base at large having a knee jerk reaction to this deck because it’s easy to build and strong off the blocks?

As I’ve said multiple times in this topic. I agree that this card will probably need to be nerfed, but it’s like no one wants to even experiment with the format.

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As far as I’m concerned, I haven’t seen a VS report yet, so no. But before we have solid data available, it is fun to speculate.

Exactly. I looked at snek, thought about it a bit, and decided no, I wasn’t going to play ranked this expansion. That’s what happens when Blizzard decides to make cards like this.

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