The 5 decks from Zayle, Shadow Cloak


These decks are certainly a step up from Whizbang, but there’s a few really offbeat picks.

Tempo Rogue without Waggle Pick/Raiding Party hurts the deck immensely.

That Bomb Warrior deck looks awkward. No Omega Assembly, no Warpaths, no Brawl, no Shield Slam, no Executes, no Elysiana, no big burst cards like Alexstrasza/Grommash to soften/finish off the opponent. Instead we have Safeguards and a rush package with Akali and Batterheads for removal.

Plot Twist Lock and Control Shammy look fun but ultra inconsistent.

Silence Priest looks pretty much like what you’d expect.


Interestingly enough, silence priest is the least competitive among the 5 yet the most complete one as archetype-or finely tuned, if you will.

I sense a nerf incoming. Maybe to Waggle Pick and Omega Assembly. But as long as Dr. Boom keeps Delivery Drone and 4 mana OmegaLuL Devastator, people will still complain about warriors(and rightfully so).

Rogue cannot continue like this. They have to take action. They don’t care about wild so maybe, they will at least patch standard.



Those are spicy


Just heard that we won’t be able to disenchant Zayle (golden reward from adventure). Is it true?


That’s what they’ve said before, so I’d go with yes.


Not impressed too much with these decks given that they’re set in stone unlike Whizbang. Only one I’d be inclined to play would be Warlock and Warrior.

Maybe I’m wrong when it comes to how good these decks will be. Silence Priest in wild is far more viable, but even that deck has its issues. Standard iterations are lacking.


I’m curious if there will be players to waste dust on regular zayle since we’ll get the golden one in 3 weeks


I guess anyone who decides not to partake in the adventure might. I’m pretty sure if you buy the adventure with cash you get shiny Zayle right off the bat.


I sense nerfs in the future. No pick or party in rogue!? No Omega in Warrior!? Could be some hints there.


If only the warlock deck had hakkar instead of morrigan


Unless certain (important or maybe even deck defining) cards are being nerfed to unplayable level, these decks looks like a poo


I keep reading (and have repeated) that the golden Zayle won’t be dustable. Can anyone find a source confirming that?



it’s not important, nobody is going to de it


i hate this type of shyt. as if we dont already run into enough netdecks. they may not be world beaters but its just not fun playing against a deck that wasnt made by that player, over and over


Different things are fun for different people. For folks who cannot build many decks, cards like Whizbang and Zayle can be a ton of fun.


is it so much to ask that wizbang and zayle use our custom heroes rather than the default ones? I almost dont want to use these cards since i spent money for mecha jaraxxas


that silence priest deck is terrible

-coming from silent priest expert :sunglasses:


Must get for new players. Instantly gets u some decent meta versions of decks for price of 1 legend.


Just bought the expansion for my wife because she prefers the stories rather than the actual duel mode. I can confirm that gold Zayle CANNOT be scrapped for dust (one of the first things I checked). Also I think the decks are pretty fun. She uses it when we duel against each other, and the fact that the decks are random make it fun and exciting. Ya for an experienced player 1 or 2 good sold decks are all they need or want to play, but for someone like my wife it’s good to have something that when we duel feels fresh and fun to her.

Hope any of this helped.