The 2015 cup cake cardback is coming back to the shop

i rather have my 25 dust

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Did you poll a representative sample of the player base or just judging from the forum posts here?

You draw the line there because you (1) paid money for some of them and want to keep your privilege and (2) don’t have the oldest card backs and think paying gold for them makes you entitled to them.

I think time limited should be time limited across all forms of acquisition because that’s the most fair to everyone involved and doesn’t make affluence a determining factor.

You could argue that Heroic Adventures are the middle ground of valuable cardbacks. I know I have all the paid Adventures (except Saviors of Uldum cause that value was so trash even I couldn’t justify it), but I only have a couple cardbacks from the Solo Adventures. It takes work and time to earn those, even if you do cheese it with Priest Knife Juggler.

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My stance hasnt changed, I’ve held the same belief when I started and will continue to, if you support this game or any for that matter financially you deserve some exclusive reward (applied to f2p games and limited or collectors editions fyi). If they inplemented the same into LoR I would still say the same. I also believe other cardbacks that dont fall into the preorder or special event or heroic challenge catagory should be available to everyone for free.

I mean, all the pre-order cardbacks and heroes are all paid cosmetics. Technically, the affluence you so dislike for the entitlement on earning cosmetics is contradictory to the fact that the most exclusive limited time cosmetics were exclusive to the affluent players who could pay for the pre-order to acquire them.

There’s no saying that games in general should not offer exclusive content. However, seniority doesn’t really justify anything regarding monthly cardbacks since the original effort in acquisition is almost nothing.


Honestly that depends on the value you place on your own time, doesn’t it?

So when I make over $100 an hour where I work, spending an hour to get the season card back has the same value as buying a presale?

I said you don’t equate people’s time to earn the season with money spent to buy things. I’m trying to point out that both have value and should be respected by not reissuing time limited offers.

With respect to seniority, you only say that if you don’t have it. There are months/events I missed, so I won’t ever have a complete set because I didn’t earn it. I’m not complaining about it.

It doesn’t to you, because you devalue other people’s time and effort like most of the players here apparently.

If someone who makes 10 dollars an hour working vs someone who makes 100 dollars an hour working both sets time aside to play a game where it’s assumed they aren’t getting paid to do so, then the allocation of that leisure time is weighted the same.

If you can set aside 2 hours where that time is otherwise worth 200 dollars in working time, your time is worth no more than a homeless person who plays for 2 hours. You guys both set aside two hours to play a game for personal enjoyment with the expectation that you weren’t getting any real investment but happiness back. Your happiness is not worth more than the homeless person’s.

When we “devalue” someone’s time playing the game, it’s not so much that we think you are less of a person. It’s because under the same conditions, the effort you as the rich person is near identical to the poor person. And that relative effort of earning Rank 20 is very little in the actual difficulty and time in reality.


When are they going to release the cardback shop so we can buy any cardbacks we like?




you’re missing my point.

If the bundle is worth $100, one player worked more than ten hours to buy that and want’s that card back to be exclusive. That $10 assigns a value to the bundle that is different that the rich guy who could care less about the $100 tag.

You are making the same assumptions about time.

They should all be exclusive or they should all be free.

All vehicles should cost the exact same because of my emotions, too.

There are more empirical ways of quantifying value on some things. Your emotional attachment to a timestamp is less valid than higher-end achievements in the game.

That’s a pretty simple, obvious, fact.

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You missed half the conversation, but welcome!

I never said high end achieves were equal, all agreed those shouldn’t be sold.

The people who weren’t playing this game in 2014 think that they should have access to all the old season card backs because they devalue the fact that people did something they didn’t do, but those same people think that simply buying a preorder entitles them to a unique card back.

I don’t see a difference, and think both should be treated as expired, time-limited offers and stay that way.

Half of the people that got me into this game have been playing since beta and they don’t care one bit about this.

The average person doesn’t earn $100/hour. It makes sense to incentivize supporting the game monetarily by rewarding limited-time cardbacks. Most people playing the game have no problem hitting rank 20 or now winning 5 ladder matches. However, I don’t think most players are buying the 80-dollar bundles. The rarer event gets the higher prestige.

This is a you problem, not anyone else. You’re picking the single most common achievements in the game and asking that they be treated equally with other things.

No one cares that you feel this way, and it isnt going to change anything.


And you asked one, two people and that makes you an authority?

Um, okay, but this this was from a different time and it wasn’t the same game, but whatever.

So you think more people had the black temple back that is in the shop right now than ordered preorder?

No, I am not.

You might have an argument about recent card backs, but not going back to the beginnings of the game.

Aren’t you pleasant.

I have already stated several times that blizzard clearly has a different position.

Then stop expressing your invalid way of thinking.

How is it “ripping off your costumers” if they offer them a product that they want, pay for it and then get it? :thinking:

Now whether it’s a “cash grab”; I really don’t care. If I want it, I buy it. I get the card back, they get my money (or gold), everyone wins. :man_shrugging:

[Edit]: I soon read ThinIce’s comment on Bee’s post and yes. That is a good point I can agree with. Ultimately it is the customer who decides whether the product in question is worth the money/gold. And besides people have asked past card backs to be re-obtainable again, Blizzard listened and has done that. I won’t complain about that.

You are also making a comparison that isn’t valid here. We aren’t advocating a cosmetic that is from a bundle. We are advocating a cosmetic that was otherwise free but required only time to acquire, hence my original comparison on the arbitrary value of time of one person to another.

You as a player spent 2 hours in 2015 playing this game to win 5 ranked games. Disregarding whatever “value” you would have otherwise gotten from playing in those 2 hours, (i.e. gold from quests, ranking up for ladder chests, your personal enjoyment of the game, etc.), the cardback to you is 2 hours of your time.

Me as a player spending 500 gold is 10 hours of my time span across a minimum potential of 5 days of play (assuming I got 100 gold from quests and wins). 2 hours of assumed play is a rough estimate of earning 100 gold per day via completing 50-60 gold quests and winning the equivalent of 12-15 games. Even then, 2 hours per day is a lowball estimate as this is only realistically possible through hyper aggro decks.

In that regard, you as a player got more value for your time. This has nothing to do with Pre-order. And however much 2.99 is worth to someone who makes minimum wage or 100 dollars an hour is a whole different comparison.

In regards to the prestige of the cardback, again the use of your time is equal in value to that of someone else. Both of you set aside time that could have been done doing something productive to play this game. At this point, the relative value of time is not valid in comparison here. I don’t need to be redundant explaining this again. We could discuss the relative prestige of having an older account vs a new one, but that has been also explained in the many posts above.


You only value money. Got it.

It doesn’t matter if it was 200 hours or 20 minutes, it has no value to you.

You paid, so it’s all good.

I think it’s utter crap that they reissued these card backs because the ONLY reason to do it was a gold sink/cash grab.

Don’t show off how many noob games you won, people don’t want you to anyways.

OK, no irony. But you are trying to show off how early you discovered hearthstone and played as a noob.