Tess is probably the greatest hero in BGs

Hilarious - stayed at rank 2 almost all game - got buffs and Brann by getting minions from other players’ decks. Just went for Pogos (ended up with 3 golden pogos, plus a normal one). The 2nd place guy gave up after I was VERY slowly whittling him down every game, even with his buffed demon setup. Definitely the #1 BG hero currently. Possibly followed by the cat.
Screenshot: ibb{dot}co/R2438KY

Potential versus reliability. Some under performing heroes are capable of some amazing feats, but unfortunately, if they don’t occur often or reliably, it lowers their value.
Tess can’t really build around ‘what if I face X’ just like Mr. Bigglesworth might not live long enough to benefit from someone dying. The Cat is a Patchwerk with less health until someone dies. Patchwerk is T4, so the Cat is worse than that until someone dies, and likely it will be the Cat first.

tess is so strong its even tier 4, with an average placement of 5.0. wow

Tess only wins if everyone else is playing greedy

Tess is bad for the same reason Kel’thuzad’s Kitty is mediocre.

Actually you can just play safe with the cat and survive enough to get the stuff if you play as the cat.

The worse scenario is you getting into a menagerie build but even this can be fixed easy if you focus on just survive and upgrade.

I’ve placed at least in the top 4 almost every time I’ve played Tess. I always go for it if Murlocs are available, as people generally go for them early on, and so it’s a good bet that I can pick up triples - plus some Murlocs can be used right up until the end-game, and being able to pick up the best creatures from rank 6 opponents is pretty OP. I’ve played the cat twice - won once, and placed 4th the second time so far. Obviously it’s garbage until people start dying off, but you can play for a strong early game, avoiding levelling too soon.