Tavern Brawl - Cloneball - Archmage Vargoth MVP


I’ve been lucky enough to have Vargoth in two of my Tavern brawl games and playing him with ‘Offensive Play’ is an easy win. It let me spam the board with lots of discounted minions. So if you got em play him with ‘Offensive Play’.


I got Zola. Turns out 0 mana Zola is pretty good when you also have Barista Lynchen.


Got a Face Collector. 0 mana for full board and unlimited legendaries in hand. Then traded a few to clear their board and played a 5 mana Kel’Thuzad.


Glinda Crowskin can work well too. With two copies of her and two offensive plays, I was able to flood the board with her for 0 mana.


I got the 7/4 deathrattle skeleton (when this dies return to your hand if your revealed minion in deck costs more than opponent) forget the name

and all my other minions were like 10 cost dragons or 9 cost legendaries…cheapest was velen at 7

Made sure I set him to zero cost…never ending resurrecting army of death lol

Even better was I had Deathwing so I could play him, clear the board and then play all those skeletons for free again lol


I had 2 Barista Lynchen and Krog’wa in hand which became broken quickly. Krog’wa keeps giving you offensive play and Barista clones Krog’wa and itself. I got them both to 0 mana and just flooded the board.

Another I started with coin I had Electra storm rage and had 3 white eyes in hand. Turn 2 I played coin then Electra then Offensive play which gave me 0 mana white eyes my opponent immediately conceded.