Suggestion about bug forum/patch notes

  1. I think one of the 3 ways you (as a hs website admins) could improve is comunnication with us as a players. There are so many suggested bugs, but you are answering just on the most important ones and you aren´t even updating daily/bug by bug forum about known bugs. So I can´t even know if someone already asked you about that bug 4 days ago.

  2. You aren´t updating the “current” know bugs you already fixed and It´s so chaotic to navigate there as a normal player. Please, just delete bugs you already fixed and just make one big list for them. (Why do I need to watch 3 months old known bugs if you already fixed them?)

  3. We are getting updates which we don´t even know what they added or fixed. I think better and detailed informations would be appreciated a lot. (We have got a 800 MB update few days ago and I can´t even find anything about that patch, I don´t know if any bugs were fixed or which ones…).

Thanks a lot guys anyways for your support and don´t take this one as an insult please, I´m just telling you what you “could” do to improve these things.