Stuck in heroic mode of "tombs of terror"

I am stuck in the heroic mode of the tombs of terror. After choosing a starting hero, I was thrown to visit a tavern with an adventure progress 1 \ 0. A visit to the tavern is repeated again and again, leaving the tavern again you get into the tavern. Due to the lack of a button to reset the progress of the adventure, I can not play further.


I am having the same problem. It startet after i used the hearthstone i discovered with senior tomb raider(mage treasure) in act 5. thinking that worst case it would reset the boss. But keep its health upon noticing that it was back to 300health i startet a new run in act 3

Same problem here… Any solution? I think it started for me as well after using the Hearthstone in Chapter 5

I did not find any solution to this problem. The support service sent me to this forum to create this topic and this is all the help that they provided me. Since October 5th, a heroic mode has been broken for me.

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I was playing in the Heroic mode of the Ultimate Uldum Savior Adventure, unintentionally using a card called “Hearthstone” that gets you straight from the adventure to the tavern. But in the last adventure there is no such thing and I ended up leaving the game, so far so good and normal compared to other adventures in heroic mode. But when I first entered the first adventure of the uldum savior heroic mode, the game got stuck in the tavern (heroic mode) and there is no way to give up on the adventure.

Same problem. Any solution?

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Havent been able to play tombs of terror heroic for over 2 weeks now. Honestly id be fine if they just reset my tombs of terror progress, i just want to play what I purchaced


Me too me too. 3 weeks of nothing.

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Dito… This is beyond worthless, Blizzard.

Problem still exist.

I think the problem was fixed sort of? You can now concede in Bob’s tavern and that fixed it for me.

not fixed for me. Still game got stuck in the tavern. Reset my adventure progress pls. i want to play adventure what I purchaced. Stop ignoring us blizzard!

Have same problem. What we can do?

Hey all,

If you are still experiencing this issue, please follow up with us on this thread.