Standard VS. Unplayable imo speed up the clock or something

I’ve played this game since beta and wow since way before then and original diablo and original starcraft even before that. I know the forum white knights aka blizzard employees on their lunch break will claim nothing is wrong. I digresssssss.

I literally just conceded 12 times in a row to quest warlocks and quest mages. I’m not going to sit in a 40 minute game just to inevitably lose to a stupid OP quest reward…

So Sick of waiting for locks and mages to run out the clock every play and run out the deck till it’s empty. I don’t have hours upon hours to play 5 matches.

Battlegrounds, Arena, Duels are well done I still play that part of the game and love it. I’m Always a blizzard fan but I’m not an ActiVision fan.

/end rant