Spitelash siren, turn 6, 20 mana crystals -- NERF PLS

So balanced! Turn 6, 20 mana crystals.

Spitelash siren needs a nerf.

Spitelash siren now gives only ONE mana crystal, now it is balanced and it made into a 2/3!

Mana cheating in mage needs to go, they got plenty in their toolkit they do not need 2 free turns of max mana!

Yes, it is pretty dumb, you just need enough pressure and removal for the key card

And then you play one of the many 5-6 mana board wipes, and they lose.

Design your deck to beat others, not just to do what you want.


Especially playing as a Rogue without board clears heh…
But for me this deck and mana cheating its not a big problem here, mages with this maybe cheat a lot of mana(its crazy value), but literally all what they do in the turns is making a board of low-medium stats minions + eventually wipe our while drawing/losing 1/3 of their deck without any true winnable impact cuz still the swing doesnt give any finisher at end

Spammy Arcanist.

If you already run Pufferfist, add in Plague Scientist.

You have tools.


Mage is a class that likes to setup big bombs in late game.

Naga turn
Big spell mage stuff
Varden and/or modresh
Mecha shark and/or gaia
Quest if they ever run into one again
Even in theory rolling ignites, aegwynn spell damage, or you run into me when I tried to meme kazakusan in mage (wasn’t very good, no)

The longer you let a mage (or any class really) live, the more opportunities they have to blow you up or drop so much stuff that you can’t respond or recover.

So the usual way to upset a mage (other than disagreeing with them on the forums ;p) is to hit her hard and fast. Remind them they’re the squishy wizard.

And if you’re rogue, you’re a class that lacks easy access to heals or armor. So as a rogue, you really want to win earlier than later. If you want to go control rogue, it’s not impossible (pray that you steal a heal/armor from another class, go reno and other neutrals), but you need to know what you’re doing and accept that it’s usually not as optimal as being more aggressive and try to win faster.

This is particularly true for a class without heals or armor like rogue.

Having some techs/counters like Mand said is also a good thing.

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GL hf winning “earlier” vs a class that have access to plenty of stall and for some wierd reason were given armorgain on par with warrior and druid.

“Access” to stall doesn’t mean they run all of them or could discover exactly what they need every game.

Naga mage - the OP topic - usually don’t run their bigger stall spells. They need their spells be cheap for the naga turn.

Being naga mage also means you’re running nagas, which are a good tribe with a lot of tricks, but it’s not dedicated to stalling (there’s no rush for example)

But the thing with naga mage is that even with all those cheap spells and nagas, they may not want to play them before their big turn, since well… they want to use them on their big turn. A good mage will try to pace themselves, but a good opponent would know this and try to force the mage to use them. This still leads to you wanting to be aggressive.

Would this win you every game? No, but the alternative of not pressure them is they comfortably reach their big turn.

Field clear. Yea sure.

Then they refill the next turn because they played Gifts of Azshara / Commander / Arcane Intellect during this 20 mana turn.

So you have a brand new field to deal with

Oh now you dealt with that? Guess what now deal with phase 2 the ping package.

Just for once stop being ignorant and admit you know its broken you just feel like trolling all the time

It isn’t winning against anything enough to be overpowered

If you can’t deal with wide boards, your deck deserves to lose. And if they spend multiple turns refilling and you run out of AOE, then yes they deserve to win.

So what is an appropriate way to win, if not making more minions than your opponent can kill?

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I neutralized one with Explosive Runes. I wish Rogue had a secret that worked like that, or any secrets for that matter.

It is a lost cause or burgle rogue have any chance against this deck?

I have a nice match against any control or another rogue but I can’t win vs any tribe deck and unfortunately rogue is the only class I like to play because the random cards and every game feels different.

i mean if you’re talking “qualifications for a whiny hs forums post,” then yeah, seems so