Southsea Scoundrel not discounted by Auctionhouse Gavel

Hi all!

Just played an arena game where I tried to discount Southsea Scoundrel (only Battlecry card in my hand) by swinging my Auctionhouse Gavel. Twice. Both times, no discount was applied.
It’s not just a visual bug; when I later played the Scoundrel I had to pay the full 4 mana.
See this hsreplay: (weapon swings on turn 2 and 3; Scoundrel played on turn 5).

I guess this is probably related to these two reports:

Is it just me, or did this bug happen in the past? Where a Battlecry minion wasn’t being treated as such.

It must be a bug.
Heart of Vir’naal, a reward of Corrupted the Waters hadn’t double her battlecry.

This occurred with Crabrider as well in the past