Solidarity with Blitzchung. Censored by Blizzard


Like most people who play Blizzard games… and the employees who make them, we live in free societies where free speech is a vital part of our freedoms as citizens.

We all know this privilege is not given to all people on this planet, as is with the case for Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai. All he did was voice his support for the protests in Hong Kong, and he was immediately censored, not by Chinese authorities, but by Blizzard.

With these actions, Blizzard has shown they care little for the free speech and liberty that has allowed the company to grow into an international giant from the safety of the USA. Instead, the only thing they care about is $$$, god forbid what their customers think.

For more info, google: ‘Blitzchung, Hearthstone’

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Already uninstalled HS, WoW Classic and Starcraft, both 1 and 2. I will never play Blizzard’s game from now on, unless they apologize to blitzchung and to HK people. Blizzard sucks.


Just canceled my Warcraft account, and uninstalling all their products as well. It breaks my heart to see Blizzard being used as a puppet by the Chinese government.


Always fascinating to see how low companies will sink for a slice of that sweet, sweet Chinese market.


I guess they are not really that “woke” to not support the abuse of basic human rights.


Cancelled my WoW sub, If they want to support genocidal dictatorships, they ain’t getting any of my money.


yeah I’m done with blizzard games no more money from me.


Extremely disappointed in Blizzard’s handling of this incident. Reinstate Blitzchung, or never receive a cent from me again.


Blizzard needs to know that this is not ok. We do not support a company that silences oppressed and marginalized people.


This, to everyone who thought the censoring of Jaina and of cards is what kowtowing to one of the worst human rights abusers out there leads (and will only get worse):

taking action against people. Not for anything they’ve done in game (though we could take a moment and remember some lenient actions against some certain notable persons because they hailed from a certain country)…but because their words anger the oppressive and totalitarian regime that oppresses its own citizens, and now seeks to extend their reach outside their borders through their corporate partners.

Other companies have taken a stand, and have told this country what they can do with their censorship board, and their track record of human rights violations…why can’t team 5 and actiblizz?


Is their an online petition? Streamers should inform their following. The community should respond the way the HK protestors have!


Fun fact, south park is now banned in China after last weeks ep that made fun of hollywood writer’s for catering to China’s censorship laws for the same reason.
As well as poking fun at china a bit.


Yeah just read about this and I’m disgusted by Blizzards actions.


When American companies stop representing American ideals then as Americans we need to stop supporting them.


This company is a shame of the gaming world.


I really really enjoyed Wow classic. I hit level 45 tonight so when I read the news I was extremely sad. I can put up with a lot, but if it’s someone’s freedom or my money, I will gladly give up my favorite game so that others can have the same freedoms I enjoy.


I just cancelled my sub in wow and I wont be playing your games anymore. How can you support a litteral facist states propaganda machine? Sickening Blizzard.


Disgusting. I’ve enjoyed playing HS and OW during the years, but with these things in mind they suddenly feel like a taint on my devices. Good bye.


I saw the news about Grandmaster player and hosts being banned and fired for their opinions. The player is not getting the reward money he earned throughout the season. I’m shocked and so disappointed in Blizzard Entertainment. My wish is Blizzard Entertainment to apologize publicly, compensate the player and the hosts, and stop with the nonsensical Chinese censorship support.


With these actions, Blizzard disgusts me. I can’t say what I really feel without extreme profanity, so I’ll just leave it at this.