So, what should we hit with nerfhammer?

Which class overall and which cards are problematic or you simply dont like.

For classes i go for:
Paladin, DH, Hunter, Druid

For cards:
I hate playing against:

  1. DH naga stuff.
  2. Paladin: I think boogie down could lose the holy tag. Order in the court 3 mana, crusader aura +1+1.
  3. Hunter cleave stuff punishing again for playing board. No fun.
  4. Druid are insane as we know. The 7 mana full board is just too much for a class that ramps. Its just a win play against so many classes or decks that dosent have boardclear.
  5. Snake nerf coming. I wouldn’t hate the effect, just not the bouncing stuff pls.
  6. I still hate how good mage is, despite playing an otk deck. Siff could go to 7 or make the insane board clear hit their board too. I dont like the fact that they so good keeping up on board or even being ahead, then if you survive, they nuke you from orbit still. Yes dirty rat is my good fried too.
  7. I still hate odyn too. Even if its not played that much for now.

The Paladin card that buffs a minion and is a board clear to 6 mana.

Nourish to 7 mana.

The Druid card that discovers a 2 cost minion and summons a copy should be 3 mana and maybe gives makes the copy 2/3.

Jormongar to 2 ?

Boogie Down to 4, remove holy tag, make it pure only.

Purified Nest can’t give another rhea

Theotar to 5 mana , make him 6/6

Dirty Rat to 2/8

Common · Minion · Showdown in the Badlands · Deathrattle: Draw a Beast. Give minions in your hand +1/+1.


My favorite card of this expansion. But this isn’t the reason the decks are so good, it’s really the ABJ. That card is all the problem we thought it would be back in the day.


How would you fix ABJ?

I would like sif nerfed because I have a golden one I’m never going to use.

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A mana nerf definitely slows it down and makes the combo harder.

The other thing to note is that if you know your opponent is playing an ABJ deck, it’s fairly easy to defend against it. People who actively know what I’m doing will block.

Similarly, when I play against someone doing this combo, I play my minions and stuff like this:


I destroy all the other ABJ players because they can’t do squat.

So what I’m saying is that the ABJ decks are really easy to counter if you just play your board correctly and stop cleaving. Similar to BGs. If you don’t have taunts or don’t have locations, then you’re pretty much at the mercy of the cleave.

It’s the one deck out of all the “nerf!” decks that I think is easily the most counterable and will decrease in win % if people were playing a bit smarter.

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DH Naga & Paladin are candidates worth nerfing.

The rest are strong, but we don’t nerf strong stuff but too strong stuff.

I hadn’t looked at it that way. I’ve been seeing the deck here and there, actually. You’re absolutely correct: this card need not be nerfed. I withdraw my answer.

I got OTK’d by a Sif mage yesterday on turn 6. I didn’t even know that was possible, but the Snake Oils have changed the game. It might not be enough for Sif to see a nerf though, the nerf would likely go somewhere else.

I have a Signature Sif myself. Would be nice to get that dust!

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Horn of the wind lord, can’t go face
Buffet Biggun cost 5, infuse 5
Crusader Aura, 5 mana
Keeper’s strength, 6 mana (remove holy tag)
The Countess, invitations cost 3, discovered legendaries cost 1
Kotori Lightblade, 3 mana
Seal of Blood, 4 mana
Boogie down, 4 mana

Druid -
Nourish, 6 mana
Splash-Splash whelp, 3 mana
Dragon golem, 9 mana
Rheastrasza, can’t discover itself
Fye, minimum cost 4 (from discounts, can’t cost 0 anymore)

Hunter -
Awakening tremors, 2mana
Conjured arrow, 3 mana (manathirst, 7)
Trinket Tracker, 2 mana, 2/2 (from 1/1)
Titanforged traps, 3 mana
Star Power, 6 mana
Celestial Shot, 4 mana
Messenger Buzzard, 3 mana

Siff, 8mana
Elemental inspiration, 8 mana
Keyboard, 2 durability, 0 cost spell trigger durability
Molten Rune, forged (cast this again deal 1 less damage) 5 total
Arcane bolt, manathirst 8 to deal 3 (or deal 3dmg for 2 mana)

Sunfury Champion, 2 mana
Imbued Axe, infuse (3)
Trial by fire, 7 mana (summons 6 1/1s)

Forge of wills, 4 mana
Sargeras, 10 mana
Reverb, 4 mana (or can’t target titans)

Demon Hunter-
SharpShooter, 4 mana
Glaivetar, 3 attack

Death Knight-
Staff of the Primus, 2 durability
Helya, 3/3
Tomb Traitor, 3/3

Ghoulish Alchemist, your next concoction cost 1
Windfury 1/1 mech token is removed

Creation Protocol, discover and draw a minion in your deck (forged) get an extra temporary copy of it (removed if not played on same turn)
Shard of the Naaru, 2 mana
Undying Allies, the next undead you play gets reborn (only 1)
Rotting Necromancer, 4/3 (instead of 5/4)
Shadowed Spirit, 3/3 (from 4/3)
Power Chord, finale is removed (it gives 1/1)

Reno, removes both players boards
Astalor, (8 mana version) manathirst deal 12 damage among random enemies
Ignis, can’t discover windfury on weapon options

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Dude just nerfed all of Hearthstone


It’s still early but we are starting to see something that can be called a meta, so the clear outliers are more or less visible. I think the prime candidates right now are Paladin and DH; with Druid as a lower priority candidate but also deserving a look imo. Imma give my hot takes but I think it’s a bit early for a patch just yet.

  • DH’s problem is obvious but the solution not so much. The card being 5 HP is just absurd for sure, but I think just making it 4 mana would be a good starting point and then they can see from there. Reducing the damage to 1 would kill the deck most likely. An alternative is tapping the spell that discounts stuff.

  • Paladin is significantly overtuned imo. I honestly don’t know where is best to start with it. It just makes ridiculous boards turn after turn and it does everything on top of it. It is aggro, midrange and control all in one and if they’re lucky they can even OTK combo you from hand with Countess. I would start by making Crusader Aura give +1/+1 and Deputization Aura never needed to buff attack. Giving virtually all your board lifesteal for 3 turns for 3 mana wasn’t enough? Honestly I dunno what they were smoking with that. On a side note, Seeker’s Strength was just a mistake imo; I don’t think it should have been printed but too late now for that anyway so whatever.

  • Druid is fine but the 7 mana dragon needs to have poorer stats. It should be meant to slow down aggression and allow the druid to stabilize from ramping; it shouldn’t make a game-over board out of the blue.

  • For now everything else seems ok. In general, the amount of board clear in the game is getting dumb. Making a board should be rewarding and contribute to your victory in most cases. Dealing with your opponent’s board should be challenging and costly. If we keep increasing the power of removal to balance the power of new cards we’ll have a game of cat and mouse with players throwing nukes at each other until one of them misses and dies. It gets lame fast.

I am still having fun trying new things but I am quickly losing interest tbh. The meta is already starting to look unappealing, straightforward and none of the good decks seem particularly skill testing.

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Why are we nerfing cards? The only issue was “Warlock” so now this is the fun people wanted.

Feels pretty stupid to ask for nerfs after a bunch of people just spent money on these cards :rofl:. Like we know we let you sell us all these cards from the expansion, now nerf what we bought so we can somehow try an have fun.

Hearthstone sets come with a small amount of cards in my eyes. So more an more nerfs isn’t going to bring forth hardly anything “new” to begin with. Tell me what would be worth having in the meta if you nerfed anything? Let’s hear it.

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Yeah this thread is disgusting.

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Because games are ended by turn 5. Some classes can play down 1 minion and win by turn 5. This is clearly a design mistake, regardless of money or player maturity. In fact nerfing these cards would do most new players a favour by offering dust refunds, and all players in general because the game would be overall less frustrating. We need massive nerfs if the developers wants to salvage this game before it’s too late.

I understand you are invested and care about your money but it’s time to open your eyes. There has not been this much discontent for a long while, take a look at the forum, youtube and twitch.

Only players abusing these tasteless overpowered cards will complain about “crybabies” and ignore the backlash in hopes of gaining legend for the first time with their aggro paladin netdeck list, or snake lock. More cards offers less options in this game, since all players netdeck and will only take the best cards available. Nerfs for the stronger contenders would allow more flexibility in deck building and gameplay.

This is what the developers and some vocal defenders of theirs wanted: absurd, OP, toxic cards that they can “have fun” playing. There’s so much that should be addressed that it won’t be addressed.

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good to see you dont want rheastrasza to be changed

Good to see you responding before thinking, as usual