So isn't Aldrachi Warblades completely useless now?

A 3 mana 2/2 weapon with an average upside.

Why is this so trash compared to something like Ancharrr ?

Why can’t it have the 3/2 stats line ?

Stormhammer, Eaglehorn Bow, Rallying Blade, Underlight Angling Rod, Necrium Blade, Shadowblade, Power Mace, King’s Defender.

These are all 3 mana 3/2 weapons with arguably better effects. So why did they have to make the weapon a 2/2 again ? That’s mediocre.

The fact that this was nerfed before Stormhammer is unbelievable to me.


Because DH has multiple cards and a hero power that buff its damage to 5+.


And because of that you want to make the card complete trash. Great idea.


If you have to invest multiple cards into Aldrachi Warblades before it gives you a remotely powerful effect, it’s not worth using.


It’s not nerfed enough imo. I don’t like the idea that blizzard can just release a new class that is aggro focused and take aggro away from other classes. I hope more nerfs come soon so I can go back to my murloc paladin.

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I agree with the OP. The card should have been put to 3/2 after the nerf to durability, or kept at 2/3 and the cost increased from 3 to 4.


Ancharr? Ancharr was a legend dude.

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because ppl complained about dh so they nerfed it rather than deal with whiners

But it’s not trash since these cards exist to make it better. It was possible to practically swap health with your opponent and you still can. You just get two less uses which is reasonable for a class with so much lifesteal the downside of trading with weapons flat out didn’t exist


Actually different cards have different uses.

This one is to demon Hunter buff his attack together so he could actually heal by attacking or reduce the damage it takes.
Not to be an play to be did on the curve.

I would even say that I would prefer it as 1/3 instead but I guess that it would be rely to much on synergy.


If they had waited on this nerf they would have seen that the others were more than sufficient to bring DH down to a balanced place. Neutering this weapon was the overkill.

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Actually this probably one of the key nerfs despite of how much people get impressed by other cards.

This was how demon Hunter actually survived long enough to win even in the rare scenarios were it’s board got contested.


The class as a whole needs to have weakness. If card draw, burst damage, board clears, good tempo, high valued minions, and cheap spells don’t do it, then healing and hard removals are the way to go.

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Exactly the change I suggested but people called me crazy. shrugs guess they just have a b0ner for overkill nerfs

True a terrible nerf, one of many to come still for DH.
Dragon Hunter is hiding, nowhere to be seen, that´s why devs did not nerf his weapon, when all the DHunters stop lurking he will show his face with his almighty Dragon Weapon.

I think the key issue here is that it’s a basic card. With both twin slice and chaos strike being strong plus hero power, you’ll likely heal for 6 in an average use. That’s a fair card, not garbage. Not to mention, there are so many OP cards for the class, the nerf had to come somewhere, seemed like a good place to me.


So being a fair/good basic card means it should be nerfed?

I’m talking post-nerf

sure you can have it at 3/2 for 2 mana with no life steal and then is just a firey waraxe of old,a totally fair card… oh wait :thinking:

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worst expansion ever