So happy I have put $0 into this game

This is a great fun game, for free.

Every season the cards get dumber and dumber though. The power creep is stupid real. Everyone just remember it wasn’t that long ago that Blizzard nerfed a 1/2 that drew a card because it was TOO POWERFUL! So they made her a 1/1!!!

The crap we have to put up with now is just stupid unreal in comparison.

Seriously I thank God I have put NO MONEY into this game otherwise I would be extremely pissed off. So I can still play an enjoy it for free knowing I didn’t contribute to the amount of stupidity that is going into these cards.

I hope the rest of ya learn to do the same.

Don’t support dumb expansions. Pretty soon we’re just going to have turn 1 cards with a Battlecry: You win the game!

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I’m happy that you’re happy that you didn’t put money into this game.

I put money into this game and I’m actually not upset at all. I really love this game and am having a lot of fun.

The last two expansions have been a lot of fun to be honest. But I guess since you haven’t put any money into the game, and you don’t have any of the cards to counter the new decks, I can see how it would make you bitter and jaded.

It really sounds like you don’t enjoy this game at all to be honest. Have you tried solitaire?

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For several years i didn’t put any money into HS … thankfully i was able to get a brand new job this year that allowed me to easily purchase the last bundle … feels good man.

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Refused to buy the pre-order after I saw how the XP system was implemented

Right now ready to drop $ on some bulk packs but I am waiting on blizzard to improve either 1.) The dust cost to craft legendaries or 2.) The price of packs or 3.) Their XP reward system such as putting gold/3 wins back in

Until then I’ll just keep using budget decks from last expansion and the free deck they give for coming back from a long time away