So DH dropped to 50% winrate meanwhile Warlock has 53.3%

Are you happy ? You were whining for the nerfs and because of that Warlock is the new King with a win rate almost identical to pre-nerf DH.

Hope y’all are happy.


I’m genuinely pretty happy. I bought chips today.
Quarantine is going well. Hopefully the stimulus shows up.

Thanks for your hoping I’m happy.


What kind of chips? I’m a big fan of Lay’s Dill Pickle and Salt and Vinegar chips.

Now I want chips too.


Salsa Verde Dorritos.
And Spicy Nacho Dorritos. The store didn’t have much in the way of variety. People are finally buying more than toilet paper.

I didn’t know buying chips was associated to Hearthstone’s nerfs.

You asked if I was happy.


Those two balance issues were not related.
One deck/archetype/class was just more broken than the other.
Calm down. Eat some chips. And chill.


Everyone is still in fear of hyper aggro, I think there are a number of decks that could stand a chance against warlock now.

The problem with every single control deck right now is that taunts don’t matter because of zephyrs getting mass dispel, so it all depends on how many board clears you have.

Of course hearthstone is associated with buying chips. We aren’t savages…



About time warlock is top tier in standard.

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Warlock is top deck because it is one of the best counters to DH. In comes Rogue and Hunter to keep Warlock honest…


Isn’t the inflated winrate from Day 1 because there were quite a few people spamming it with 90%+ winrate? Now that they got their Legend, people are playing other classes.

This is also in hindsight, since I was getting pretty worked up at the start before the nerfs, but still, DH was clearly overtuned.
Their late game big demons are still insane but maybe they have trouble getting there now.

Wow, are you telling me the class with 0 mana assassinates that restore 5 health to you are good in a meta filled with demons?

holy crap, someone alert the presses, alert the devs, just alert everybody!


So a class with a deck that counters Demon Hunters managed to top a meta full of Demon Hunters after the nerfs? That sounds like the nerf worked, to me.


I tryed GalaWarlock2020 and compared to Demon Hunter THIS deck is really hard to play… You need to know all your opponents decks + there are so many situations where a not-so-strong player just won’t know what to play…

While, on the other hand, Rush- / Zoo-, err, “Tempo Demon Hunter”, instead, feels like 1+1 and just go face. If you don’t draw well, just quit fast enough, start a new game and you’ll still win quickly enough, while I can’t say that about Galakrond Warlock.
Tempo Demon Hunter players, I meet, are playing like a Counter-Strike kiddo (and I am a liar: 1 round of counterstrike takes much longer than a round of Tempo Demon Hunter!)… Fast, less-demaning and highly rewarding rounds, often (and never seldomly) winning within the first 4-8 rounds, often without any major thinking process, because it’s 1+1, not so many choices (!) and IT IS that play style which is ruining the game.

On the contrary, the DH win rate was lower than it should be because it would mainly lose to itself. It was dominating every other class day 1

Just wait when devs start nerfing the class big minions to bring DH to par with Shaman…

i saw people pre nerf saying they were farming DH but i dont think anyone here believed them for some reason

i was trying to but i guess never had enough time to improve my deck to “farming DH” level

Those people were just secretly playing demon hunter to get legend don’t let them fool you. Notice how not one of them provided a hsreplay match history.

i got more wins thx to high rolls but i would never call that farming

kept council in hand and used it whenever i didnt draw my 4 mana or less cards
something is random demons or nothing to play for several turns and thats loses me many games